Top 21 Unique Wind Chimes of 2021

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Top 21 Uniquely Beautiful Wind Chimes

Unique, Stylish & Best Value

As the wind blows, let it bring charming sounds and swirls from the unique wind chimes in your homestead. You can also gift a bereaved soul with the unique wind chimes to act as a gentle reminder of a loved one each time the wind blows.

Wind chimes are long-lasting; therefore, you will enjoy endless harmony, beauty and happiness to your outdoors. However, they are not only for aesthetic purposes; others use them for spiritual reasons and even scaring birds away from crops.

Also, they vary in terms of size, designs, material and difference in sound production.

In ancient Rome and the Far East thousands of years ago, wind chimes were considered able to resist evil spirits, and were used by many other countries, such as India or Japan, for the same reason, surprising., however, people in these different places wear wind chimes for the same reason. This makes ornaments a symbol of solidarity that we all deserve.

Wind chimes are not only decorative, but, like any other percussion instrument, they have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, ranging from scaring birds away from crops and terrible demons to attracting good luck and increasing flow of chi.

The Chimes create the so-called occasional music, because they play a series of tones guided only by the direction of the wind. They are made of materials that hang from a variety of materials on the rope, when the breeze stirred, hit a center, make the material vibrates and produce its characteristics sound.

There are a lot of varity of wind chimes in term of materials, design, making, sound differences and so on. We have discussed those later. Mainly we focus on unique wind chimes that people like most or have the aspiration to have those.

Read on for unique wind chimes that most
people like.

1. Nalulu Classic Bamboo Wind Chimes: Outdoor Wood Original Finish Chime

Nalulu Classic Bamboo Wind Chimes

Nalulu Bamboo Wind Chimes made of cut bamboo or other woods have completely different shades than metal organs. The sound is round with less echo. Some feel that these are warm sounds, more natural and soft than other general wind chimes. Home in the southern region, wood or bamboo is best suited, according to experts of Feng Shui.

This Classic bamboo wind chime has a casual, beach feel, is made of eco-friendly bamboo, a fast growing and easy to harvest plant. Almost two feet long (digital rope and when knocking on the door), it is a medium chime that will be equally comfortable hanging on the front porch, twigs or off the porch of Palapa on the deserted island.

Listening to the soothing sounds of Nalulu bamboo wind chimes will help you feel more calm, so you can concentrate on important things.

These bells are handmade by Balinese craftsmen and have a range of exotic designs. The assembly length is approximately 30 inches and weighs only 11.2 ounces. The large ones can be as lengthy as 42 inches.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel hook, double varnish coating, as well as more applause; for those good vibration.
  • Tones are grown and harvested sustainably. It is also a biodegradable and environmentally friendly form of production.

2. Epartswide Wind Chimes,36" Garden Chimes with 18 Aluminum Alloy Tubes

Epartswide Wind Chimes, Garden Chimes with 18 Aluminum Alloy Tubes

If you like the song “Amazing Grace”, then you will love these chimes. All tubes have been tuned to the opening notes of the song, which can make a great musical experience when exposed to the wind. And it ends.

Most chimes are tuned to the note ratio, but these chimes are tuned to the sounds heard at the beginning of the song “Amazing Grace”. This creates a unique musical experience.

The wooden part of the chimes is made of ash wood and has a cherry finish. This makes the wood look great and helps it last a long time.

You will find that these bells are sold at a price considered the average price. This makes them a great value because you won’t pay too much for high quality chimes.

Key Features:

  • They have a total length of 24 inches.
  • You can buy the chimes in seven different colors and finishes.
  • There are 6 aluminium tubes that are tuned precisely to each note.
  • They use ash wood for the wood portions of the chimes.

3. Beachcombers 3/A Stairway Capiz Chimes

Beachcombers Stairway Capiz Chimes

These glass wind chimes give your patio or porch a coastal or ocean look. They start drifting wood, and from there they hang a glass of sandblasted sea, giving it a unique look to feel these chimes. They will reflect the light of different shades of blue, green and gray, allowing you to get a great beach look

The glass has been powder coated to last when hung outside. This will help keep the chimes looking great, even if they are exposed to rain.

Driftwood has been used for premium quality of the wind chimes. It has a unique appearance, since it is already floating in salt water, so it looks natural.

You will find that these chimes are sold at a price below the average price. The lowest price is due to the choice of the material used and its lower cost.

Key Features:

  • The chimes are made of sandblasted glass and have an ocean color.
  • The top of the chime is made of floating wood.
  • They are powder coated to help protect them from inclement weather.
  • Each is made by craftsmen and is unique.
  • You will get the appearance and sound of these coast wind chimes.

4. TAKEKIT Pet Memorial Wind Chime

TAKEKIT Pet Memorial Wind Chime

TAKEKIT Pet Memorial Wind Chime vaunts anodized aluminium tubes like classic ringtones that will fill the courtyard for calm and relaxation.

 The adjustable striker allows you to perfectly balance the chimes to make them consistent, beautiful ringtones, the tubes themselves range from 18 to 24 inches, giving you a variety of melodies that will add atmosphere and happiness to your party, or just on your cold and sunny Sunday afternoon.

Each tube is covered with meaningful messages, poetry and songs, adding another touch of intimacy, making them an excellent gift for all stages of life and reminders that the only way is to continue. While this may not be everyone’s taste, it’s still a wonderful gesture and a way to remind people that you have them in your thoughts when they need it most, even if you don’t fully agree with it.

 Clean and elegant lines ensure they fit elegantly into any backyard, while excellent quality is further proof that finding a great set of wind chimes online has never been easier.

Key Features:

  • Anodized aluminium tubes
  • Adjustable striker
  • Heavy gauge centre
  • Tubes printed with messages and poems
  • Sleek clean lines

5. AceList Color-Changing Solar Mobile Wind Chime

AceList Color-Changing Solar Mobile Wind Chime

Durable and recyclable beech wood and anodized aluminum for long-lasting beauty even in the harshest climates. So they’ll last year after year.

This medium sized wind chimes measures 26 inches long from the heavy S hook to the bottom of the wind trap. There are six beautiful aluminum tubes, ranging from 10 inches to 14 inches in length. At the top, the beech suspension platform is 5.3″ wide, the front is 2.4″ and the wind trap is 2.2″ wide. Item Weight: 53.5g

Key Feature:

  • Materials: beech wood plate, anodized aluminium tubes and heavy-duty nylon strings
  • Color: Silver
  • Length: 26″
  • Product Weight: 53.5g
  • Diameter: 0.39 inch
  • Length of 6 beautiful aluminium tubes: 10.6 inch – 14 inch

6. Deco 79 Wood Capiz Wind Chim W-40303

Deco 79 Wood Capiz Wind Chim W-40303

If you are looking for wind chimes to combine with a garden with many blue blooms, this is an ideal hanging decoration. The shells of the chimes are blue and brown and look cute in the light.

This is a unique outdoor decoration and a gift idea, a fun outdoor garden decoration, as a gardening gift for Mom’s birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas or Anniversary.

Key Features:

  • Made of capiz shells in beautiful color of ocean blue 26 inch
  • Amazing grace memorial relaxing soft gentle sound with beautiful capiz windchime

7. Spoontiques Cardinal Wind Chime

Spoontiques Cardinal Wind Chime

If you like wind chimes because of their decorative properties and noise, choose a wind bell tower with many flares, like this one.

 A large and colorful wind chime can have a huge impact on the lighting of a porch that can feel dysfunctional or under key and can be a friendly and cozy element for friends and passers-by when they see your home.

If you are a person who loves colors, this wind chime option can fill your outdoor space even in cloudy or gray winter. This crystal wind chime is made from colored Indonesian capiz shells with a fun and funky accent for your garden or garden.

Key Feature:

  • Exhibits special passion for coastal decoration
  • Multi color, beautiful touch of decor
  • A class apart home decoration
  • Designed for elite class decor enthusiasts

8. Hummingbird PATHONOR Color Changing Solar Wind Chime

Hummingbird PATHONOR Color Changing Solar Wind Chime

SIX FOXES Butterfly wind chimes are interesting and magical wind chimes that keep you in a good mood. In the evening will shine wonderful colors, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue. They will change a variety of bright colors, brighten your heart and make you and your family happy.

They are so close to you that even 10 times more beautiful than the bright stars in the sky. You will love your mom gifts, mom gifts, mom birthday gifts, grandma gifts, garden gifts for mom.

Simply put the solar glass ball wind clock on your fence, patio, windows, door and door. On a quiet evening, the charming wind chimes will make you feel comfortable and make your patio beautiful and colorful. With romance, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy this beautiful colored light.

Most importantly, they do not deform, they are light and easy to hang.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful home decor and
  • Good gifts and memorial wind chimes

9. Chuangdi 2 Pieces Fengshui Bell Vintage Dragon Bell Fengshui Wind Chimes

Chuangdi 2 Pieces Fengshui Bell Vintage Dragon Bell Fengshui Wind Chimes

Some wind chimes cost quite a lot of money, and if you do not want to spend a lot of money on your search for a quiet environment, UpBlend Outdoors Medium Wind Chime are a great budget option and can still provide everything you need. It is made from a combination of beechwood and aluminum to provide two durability and sweet, relaxing bells, in those that you can’t seem to find a second on your own day.

Set on major electronic Pentatonic Scale levels (including E, F#, G# B, and C#), it has a rich and soft melody that is perfect for relaxation and calm whether you’re sunbathing, reading a book or having a drink with your loved ones in case of getting dark during the day.

Polished aluminum tubes are corrosion resistant, while beechwood platforms, front and wind traps ensure the flow of music throughout the day. It also includes a color manual detailing proper care, so you can get the most out of them.

If you don’t want to ring the chime every day, you can put it on the road, which is especially useful in the most windy parts of the world, but when the bell rings, you will notice that you have it because you tilt, calm and let the sound move you.

Key Features:


  • Tuned in E Major
  • Polished
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Beechwood adjustable suspension platform
  • Beechwood striker and wind catcher

10. BLESSEDLAND Deep Tone Wind Chimes- (41" Blue)

BLESSEDLAND Deep Tone Wind Chimes

This Deep Tone Wind Chimes will delight your Senses with rich and soothing tones. There are 6 aluminum powder-coated tubes which hand-tuned. This thick tubing wall creates a long lasting deep tone. Overall size is 41″ is the best size for your Indoor as well as outdoor Decor. This big wind chime comes with a strong metal hook, easy to hang.

Key Feature:

  • Melodious and rich tones
  • Premium and durable quality
  • Longest tube is 17.7″
  • Home décor
  • Great gift

11. ASTARIN Large Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone

ASTARIN Large Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone

This large wind chime has a wonderful bass, perfect as a keepsake gift in honor of your dear ones. Six powder coated aluminum tubes, each metal tube of this great wind chime has been manually adjusted by professional tuning experts for superior musical performance. Personalized commemorative wind clock for lost loved one’s gold.

It truly makes an area full of life. It is a must have for any outdoor or indoor space, bringing calm to a busy day.

Amazing and stylish wind chimes are not only a good choice for interior and exterior decoration, but also an excellent gift for friends, neighbors, and family. These unique wind chimes are chosen as a gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. This large wind chime is a perfect gift for housewarming. If you buy wind chimes as a Christmas present, do not let them down.

It is made with a sturdy and stable synthetic rope with high resistance to wear, UV degradation, rot, and mildew.

The suspension and applause platform are made of aluminum alloy, the metal is resistant to moisture and corrosion.

The tempered aluminum tubes are carefully crafted. Alloy tubes are designed with a soft anticorrosive coating for durability in a variety of outdoor environments.

12. Nature’s Melody Premiere Grande Tunes Wind Chimes

Nature’s Melody Premiere Grande Tunes Wind Chimes

Giant Wind Chimes gives you very Deep Tone with its 57″ Deep Tone resonant 5 bass tube. It’s a huge tube overall length from the ring top to the end of the clapper covers the size.

The long, bright tubes produce the silent sound of church bells, even in a light breeze, full of constantly changing tunes.

It is a custom wind bell in memory, it is a perfect expression of comfort, for those with special needs.

Key Features:
• This big chimes Measure: 7″ diameter x 57” overall length from the ring top to the end of the clapper
• 5 large aluminum tubes, the longest – 33”, 1.1” inch tube diameter
• Anodized aluminum for long lasting beauty
• Deep sounding like a church bell

13. MorTime 2 Pack Solar Crystal Ball Wind Chime

MorTime 2 Pack Solar Crystal Ball Wind Chime

Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime lights automatically illuminate at night that is when dark only, with color-changing LED bulbs that smoothly change from one color to another.

This Solar Wind Chime is Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly with LED luminescent star that changes color. Charge during the day and turn the light into electricity.

Key Features:

  • Charging time: 6-8 hours under direct sunlight.
  • Working time: 6-8h, if fully charged
  • Material: glass and plastic.
  • LED charging in direct sunlight through integrated solar panels.
  • Each LED lamps life up to 100,000 hours.

14. BLESSEDLAND Star Wind Chimes

BLESSEDLAND Star Wind Chimes

Unique design with color changing dragonfly hanging under the wire. When the working environment is dark, the light turns on automatically and is charged in the sun during the day.

Easy to use and easy to hang wind chimes, beautiful decoration for your garden.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design
  • Automatic

15. Nature's Melody 28" Aureole Tunes Black Outdoor Windchime

Nature's Melody Aureole Tunes Black Outdoor Windchime

The Agirlgle 44-Inch Large Wind Chime is a precious and very Zen option for those who are still looking for peace and tranquillity in their little garden paradise. Using recycled materials, they are probably the most environmentally friendly option, although most chimes are for external use only, these will feel like in the kitchen or bedroom, as they will be on the porch.

The anodised bronze finish gives it a pastoral and aged look, while providing high quality sound with deep tone chimes to help you forget all the trouble, at least until the wind stops blowing. Unlike other chimes, they do not need a lot of breeze to work, and you may sometimes catch the chimes flowing through the house, even if everything was still looking like.

At the full length of 44 inches, they do not hang too low, but also enough to get a consistent melody throughout the day. They are also enough to get some decent motivation behind them, but not too much, they become too annoying neighbourhood.

There are cheaper than some of our other options, but also not too cheap, those won’t last long, and if you are trying for a set of all metal best wind chimes at a reasonable price, it will be the best option. Don’t forget to check out our guide to the best outdoor bonfires.

Key Features:

  • Recycled tubes
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Anodized bronze finish
  • Deep tone chimes 44”

16. ASTARIN Personalized Wind Chimes Outdoor | 30 Inch Memorial Wind Chimes with 6 Tuned Tubes

ASTARIN Personalized Wind Chimes Outdoor

This custom made ASTARIN Personalized Wind Chime is very unique and convenient. To get this unique wind chime with your name on it, just send your order number, the word you want to write, and the color you choose, they will complete the order very soon and send it to you.

You can put the name, time of birth/death on board. In the meantime, you can write some commemorative words to share how you care, limited to 99 characters. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A WORD LIMIT.

You will receive one or two emails about order design and information within 2 days of your order.

17. ASTARIN Butterfly Wind Chimes

ASTARIN Butterfly Wind Chimes

SuninYo Aluminium Wind Chime is made of 22 tubes of different lengths, each metal tube has its own unique shade when colliding. Musical wind bells provide rich, durable tones that help relieve stress, relax and reconnect nature.

Wind chimes are made of high quality aluminum alloy and sturdy beech wood, durable nylon braided thread that is waterproof which sustain for long periods of use.

The elegant design and the clean and elegant lines make this doorbell a beautiful decoration. Comes with hook, perfect for hanging outdoors, indoors, garden, patio, patio, etc. Let the relaxing relaxation melodies fill your home.

This Amazing grace wind chime are unique good choice for interior and exterior decoration.

Key Feature:

  • Rich, clear tones
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Unique spiral design

18. AceList Color Changing Solar Power Wind Chime

AceList Color Changing Solar Power Wind Chime

Each Crystal Ball Wind Chime has a color changing LED bulb, so you can change from one color to the next very sofly. High quality plastic is dazzling and luminous. With sparkle light, Spiral Solar Crystal Ball Wind Chime creates a romantic atmosphere.

These Wind Chimes will be charged when get touch with direct sunlight. Inside there is a light sensor, solar glass ball LED wind bell which will automatically turn on when dark.

Solar Ball Wind Chime comes with rechargeable batteries. When it fully hanged; solar panels convert sunlight into electricity more quickly and efficiently. Spiral glass ball wind chimes provide 6-8 hours of color lighting.

The spiral glass ball wind chime is made of high quality plastic. There is no risk of breakage of harmful materials.

Key Feature:

  • Plastic material
  • Solar powered
  • Automatic light color change mode
  • Charging Time will take 3-5 hours (if get enough sunlight)
  • Will work 6-8 hours after fully charged
  • Size: 5.1” x 21”

19. Cohasset Dark Stained Wind Chime with Wood Finish

Cohasset Dark Stained Wind Chime with Wood Finish

Bamboo Stained Wind Chime have one of the most relaxing tones compared to other materials. It creates a soft vibe because of its organic color and soft material comparing metallic wind chimes. By Feng Shui bamboo and wood, chimes can be placed in the southeast, east and south Bagua areas. it is uniquely crafted by artisans on the beautiful island of Bali.

Made from eco-friendly, fast-growing bamboo and coconut wood. If the time has come, the bamboo part is easy to clean with warm water, and the fabric part does not scratch and coconut parts is easy to clean with soapy water.

Key Feature:

  • Each design is unique work of art
  • The bamboo tube is hand tuned for a deep calming tone
  • Made of coconut wood and bamboo

20. Woodstock Antique Copper Wind Chime

Woodstock Antique Copper Wind Chime

Woodstock Antique Copper Wind Chime is the one that gives great power. This one is the most unique wind chime in our list. Do you know how it can help you? Here is a trick – sit near the Woodstock Antique Copper Wind Chime and take a deep breath.

For only 10 minutes try not to attach the thoughts you are having at that time. It will clean your mind and after that go on with your plan afterward. This wind chime consists of brass tubes and copper chimes which make this chime with unique healing qualities.

Key Features:

  • Deep resonance handcrafted steel chime 
  • Suitable for sitting room balcony, garden etc decoration.
  • Unique design

21. Temple Bell Wind Chimes

Temple Bell Wind Chimes

This Exhart Bronze wind chime adds a touch of colour to this solar crystal ball. The glass balls are handblown. When it combined with an elegant bronze metal finish, they add a touch of elegance to your outdoor decoration. – Not too light or deep, but just fill your garden with music.

Exhart is a family-owned and operated business specializing in a variety of unique interior and exterior decoration. Exhart is a market leader in the field of art home decoration excellence for more than 30 years.

Solar glass ball doubles as a solar-powered emphasis when the sun goes down, casting an engaging light over the area. This windchime is very robust and should stand up to most outside conditions. It should be noted that the ball; even made by heavy glass, can be broken if dropped.

Key Features:

  • Handblown solar amber glass orb which provides a melodic sound with the gentle breeze.
  • Relaxing sounds musical windchime.
  • Decades of excellent craftmanship.

Unique Wind Chimes Buying Guide

Wind Chimes can create a range of extraordinary emotions and emotions, from serenity and contemplation to joy and inspiration. But although their sound may be ethereal, the special effect of chimes depends on some very practical design considerations. Our guide will help you to materials, tones and types of ringtones and find the best wind chimes to decorate your outdoor space.

What are the wind chimes?

 Wind chimes are not only decorative but, like any other percussion instrument, they have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, ranging from scaring birds away from crops and terrible demons to attracting good luck and increasing airflow.

 The chimes create the so-called occasional music because they play a series of tones guided only by the direction of the wind. They are made of materials that hang from a variety of materials on the rope, when the breeze stirred, hit a center, make the material vibrates and produce its characteristic sound.

 Parts of wind chimes

 Wind chimes have four basic parts:

 Suspension lines:

These are strings that keep the chimes together. They gather at the top of the pyramid shape equipped with hooks.

 Suspension platform:

This is a circular material that flows through the suspension line, holding the tube or other means under it.


This is hitting the central part of the tube. It is usually round to ensure constant contact.


The candle is a decorative material that hangs from the center line. Its weight provides lateral stability and determines in part the amount of air needed to move the ringtone.

 Each part of the ringtone plays a role in its function, but the sound sensation they emit is primarily the result of the type of material used to make them.

Materials for making a Wind Chime

The most familiar type of wind chimes is made with metal tubes, but creativity has no limits, and the various sound objects that can be combined to make tones are almost endless.


 From traditional tuned tubular designs to handmade creations made from recycled tableware, cans and keys, the bells make a range of sounds, from vibrant to noises. You can choose.


 Here are some common types of wind chimes and the kind of sound you can expect from each wind chime.



Unlike other materials, tubular metal watches can be adjusted to produce specific notes. When they hit, they vibrate more and the sound goes beyond other materials. When combined, carefully tuned metal chimes produce a smooth and harmonious sound.



Better bells are made of aluminum due to their excellent vibration, but copper and brass are becoming more popular and have a similar sound effect, but softer.



The bamboo tube is hollow and creates a rounded echo when hit, but the hard exterior also helps a clear clan. The two sounds together make a balanced and pastel tone.



Glass chimes make a light, jingles music, but because it does not vibrate like a metal tube, the sound does not carry.



Clay wind chimes produce a wide range of shades, depending on the density of the material. Light clay produces treble, almost hollow sounds, while dense clay produces richer tones near metal chimes, but without lasting vibrations.


 Other popular materials include:

  •  Shells
  •  PVC pipe
  •  Crystal
  •  Porcelain
  •  Ceramic and much more.

Types of Wind Chimes

Types of Wind Chimes according to Use

High quality wind chimes can be a nice addition to your home and garden. In addition to the most common tubular and bell designs, our options include many different types of wind chimes for indoor and outdoor spaces.

 Tubular Chimes:

These wind chimes have vertical tubes that are usually made of aluminium or bamboo. Because each tube is different in length, these bells produce unique songs with some tones.

Bell Chimes:

True to their names, the bells have one or more bells instead of vertical tubes. The shape, size and material of each bell differ from the ringtone, giving it a unique look and sound.

Decorative Chimes:

Animal motifs and capricious decorative chimes are a beautiful visual and sound of porches, patios and gardens.

Celebration and Memorial Chimes:

These tuned chimes are a great gift for weddings and anniversaries, often including personalized engraving options on the candle.

Feng Shui Chimes and Gongs:

These Asian style designs are perfect for your garden or desk, including fountains with floating chimes.

Types of Wind Chime according to Materials

It is obvious that material has a big effect on the sound of individual wind chimes. Depending on the mood you want to create or the appearance you want, you may prefer one material over the other. The advantages of each material, from durable aluminum to refined shells, are described below.

Metal Wind Chimes:

The biggest advantage of metal wind chimes is that they can be tuned to specific notes, allowing their designers to recreate classical melodies or imitate the sound of the chimes of the cathedral or Clock tower. The metal includes:

  • Aluminium: By far the most popular material due to the clarity, volume and durability of its chimes, as well as its excellent durability and weather resistance.
  • Steel: Often reutilized into affordable and durable bell-style chimes.
  • Brass: Unique sound gives distinctions and feng shui chimes their splendidly significant power.
  • Copper: Beautiful metal that offers antique finishes or natural patina of rustic appeal.

Bamboo Wind Chimes:

Although less durable than metal, the bamboo wind clock emits a silent and fountain sound, making water and Zen garden a beautiful accompaniment.

Glass Wind Chimes:

Glass is used to create colorful and complex decorative bells, creating beauty of sunlight and breeze. Less resonance than other materials, glass produces a soft tincture that does not choke the conversation.

Shell Wind Chimes:

Shell chimes are constructed from capiz shell, a decorative flat pearl shell of molluscs from the Philippines. These stained shapes and shells create a subtle touch reminiscent of corrugated water.

Types of Wind Chime according to Tones

Thus, the tone has a significant impact on the atmosphere of the outdoor living room. For example, dark tones can be a little hypnotic, while treble tones are energetic and playful.


Low Tone Chimes:

The size of the chimes is usually a good indication of their sound. Longer tubes, such as the barrane and the basic wind chimes, produce a low and complete sound. They provide a deep and persistent sound, which is very relaxed and sometimes allusion to the cathedral or sacred music.


Medium Tone Chimes:

Our middle and middle wind chimes are medium to large, and usually have a greater variation in the range of multi-tube notes and a wider harmony. With a sound that is quiet and even mysterious of quality, listeners often find them cheerful and uplifting.


High Tone Chimes:

These designs have short tubes and narrow tubes. They produce a light, pleasant sound with a range of notes from middle C to high A.

Features of a great wind chime

The sound emits from the wind chime is a matter of preference, but there are several features that can help to better define the tone and type of performance you can expect. Here are some tips to facilitate the choice:

The higher the number of tubes or other means, the greater the number of different shades that you can produce. Long tubes emit rich, low-tone sounds, while short tubes vibrate at higher pitch frequencies.

The sound of the hollow tube is carried out more from the solid tube.

The heavier sails require more wind to move and do not emit so much sound, and they are quite heavy and make the strings less easily tangled in the wind.

Depending on the material that is made, the chimes can be heavy or light. When you hang it in search of a safe place, consider the weight.

Lines are easily influenced by the elements. Materials such as nylon rain and snow is better than cotton.

Think of your neighbor when choosing a wind bell. Keep away from shades of metal and bamboo.

Use the stained-glass and glass chimes to reflect the beautiful sunlight.

Wind chimes add sparks of sound dimensions and unique decorative appeal to any space. Let a man bring you some magic.

How to maintain Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are designed to withstand exposure to weather, but, like any material, the more exposure it receives, the shorter its service life. Here are good practices to keep your wind chimes in good condition.

 Severe weather events: If an important or destructive weather event is expected, place your chimes in a safe place.

 Winter: A good practice is to keep wind chimes in winter. If your hoods are bamboo or wood, it is better to store them in an unheated place, since they are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature.


If your bells are made of metal, glass, pepper or any other material, you can clean your bells with a mild detergent and a damp cloth, except wood. Dry with a soft, dry cloth.

Clean the wooden or bamboo bells, or keep the wooden part of your wind chimes, you can apply a thin layer of outside using Danish oil or lemon with a clean cloth to help protect it from the elements.


 Hang them in the place where you enjoy the most, have reasonably good care, do not worry about rest. These unique wind chimes will make you happy for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wind Chimes

Where to hang a Wind Chime?

The wind chime can hang almost anywhere. They can withstand the most normal weather conditions, so many prefer to hang on trees, eve, porch, shepherd’s hooks or flower beds in the yard, etc. Some people also prefer to enjoy their bells inside, they can have a standing wind bell, or they can hang on the ceiling or open the way. Some people whose bells are small enough to hang on the door handle.

How to use a wind chime for long time?

You can extend the life of your wind chimes by applying a UV protector approximately once a year. It is good to clean the windshield and then spray the protector.

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