15 Different Types of Mailboxes that add value to your home design

Check out the different types of mailboxes you can choose from different styles, materials.

Before there were smart mailboxes, text messages, or just regular mailboxes, people went to the post office to send or receive mail, and then in 1863, the U.S. Postal Service began its free city delivery service where the mailman would ring the bell, knock on the door, or just leave the door in case of mail. when the owner is not nearby.

Manufacturing companies saw an opportunity and began to sell mailboxes in different styles, while other owners created their own mailboxes using old cans, food boxes or boxes. In 1903, the post office decided to resolve the inadequacy of some mailboxes by designing their own mailbox.

A postal engineer named Roy Joroleman designed the famous USPS tunnel style mailbox, which is lightweight, made of metal, easy to build the mailbox with a metal logo that can boost the signal to have a mail served. It is also resistant to rain and snow.

Mailboxes evolve with increased technology and e-commerce. Owners no longer expect mail, as much as they expect packages of ordered items to reach their doors.

Types of Mailboxes according to Design

Wall Mount Mailbox

wall mount mailboxWall-mounted mailboxes are usually hung in front of a building or house, enough to handle the selected mail. Most of them are blocked, which will ensure that your private mail is not picked up by someone else, but they usually have no outgoing mail instead. This is ideal if you are worried that you can easily receive your mail, but you don’t mind sending large amounts of mail. Because they come in many sizes, styles and colors, you can usually find a way to complement the look of your home.

Freestanding Mailbox

freestanding mailboxStandalone mailboxes look professional, but take up more space than traditional mailboxes. Instead of being installed on a post or house, these mailboxes are placed directly on the floor. When choosing a separate mailbox, you will want to make sure that you carefully fix it to the floor so that you do not worry about it being knocked down or moved. They can be quite heavy, about 60 pounds, which means they are hard to bear on their own.

Post Mount Mailbox

post mount mailboxThese mailboxes are usually used along the road and are located away from your apartment or home. They make it easy for postal workers who deliver mail to drive mail to your box and deliver mail without leaving the vehicle. Mailbox, you can make sure that the post is properly fixed to the ground so you don’t have to worry about it falling. Usually they are large enough to accept not only letters, but also small packages, they will have a sign that can be lifted when there is a message collected. When choosing a mailbox, you will have to consider how close the mailbox is to the road so that you do not have to worry about someone accidentally trimming it while driving. Longer mailboxes will need to be placed further away from the road to avoid accidents. Mail Slot Mailbox mail slot mailboxThe mail slot is a hole in the door where you can send mail. This is very beneficial for people who receive the mail because they do not have to go anywhere to pick up the goods, but requires the postal staff to come down, go home, and deliver them. Slot on your door, then you’ll want to be sure to protect it with high quality coverage. This will prevent the door from being damaged by elements or animals trying to find their way. The problem with this type of mailbox is that you don’t have a place to place the outgoing mail, which means you have to go to the post office to drop the items you want to send. Drafts can be a problem if you live in a very windy area because the wind can blow through your slot and some people have concerns about others looking for your home when they have mailboxes instead of traditional mailboxes. Column Mount Mailbox Column Mount MailboxThese mailboxes are not very long rectangular in shape when you think of a mailbox. Instead, they are flat, and when the groove is installed in a column, they have a very thin profile. They still have enough space inside the mail you receive, however, they can be in a variety of styles and colors. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a column to mount a mailbox is whether it is weather resistant in your region. Look for a sealed mailbox so you don’t have to worry about getting your mail wet. Parcel Box Mailbox Parcel Box MailboxThose who receive a large number of packages will benefit from having a box because it provides a safe place for the package to be delivered. Without a box, the package is usually located on the front porch or elbow, which can be very dangerous and can lead to the theft of items. significantly larger than other types of mailboxes. Some may have space for letters and packages, while others are designed specifically for storing boxes. It’s important that you choose a closed box of packages so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to steal items when you’re not home. The staff delivers your package without signing it at home. Apartment Mailbox Apartment MailboxIf you own an apartment building or have a business in your building, you’ll want to make sure you have an apartment mailbox that they can use. Instead of having a mailbox on the side of the road, which can be unattractive, takes up a lot of space, the mailbox of the apartment, your tenant will be able to access your mail in a central location. These mailboxes can be marked as different residential spaces, and are opened with a key. Because they are blocked, everyone receives your mail in these boxes can be sure that your delivery will be safe.

Types of Mailboxes according to Material

Plastic Mailboxplastic mailbox

When you choose a plastic mailbox in your home, you will like one of the main benefits is that they never rust. This means that no matter how long your mailbox has or what weather, it won’t look different over time.

High-quality plastic is unlikely to break or break when there are extreme weather changes, so choosing a higher quality plastic mailbox is usually a good idea. Also, consider a double-walled structure, because this means that your mailbox will be more durable and difficult to break if it is accidentally cut because someone leads its way.


Metallic Mailbox

Metal is an excellent choice for mailboxes because you never have to worry about termites or other insects damage the material, and it will never fade in the sun, and it is very durable. However, if your mailbox is damaged at all, most likely you will have to deal with rust, which will reduce the beauty of your mailbox. The coating on your metal mailbox will begin to wear out over time, even without any trauma to the box.

But you never have to worry about your mail being wet, as no water will be able to penetrate the metal, which means that these mailboxes are ideal for people living in areas that see extreme weather conditions and heavy rain regularly. If you want to be able to quickly update your mailbox, then a metal mailbox is a good option because you can paint it because your tastes change or leave a modern metal look.wooden mailbox

Wooden Mailbox

Wooden mailboxes look rustic and often beautiful carved, it’s a great way to express yourself by choosing a custom mailbox that represents you and your family. Although there are wooden mailboxes that drip or allow your mail to get wet, most wooden mailboxes are properly sealed, so this won’t be a problem.

Over time, you may need to seal your wooden mailbox or stain it to make sure it looks better, it can and does not look very old.

Types of Mailboxes according to Function

Locking  Mailbox

locking mailboxUnfortunately, if you do not have a locked mailbox, anyone can delete your mail through your box.

Usually these do not look different from other mailboxes, but to access the delivered mail, you need to have a key. Postal staff can easily put mail in the mailbox, but it is pulled down to an area accessible only by the key holder. Remember that no one will be able to access and steal your mail.

Rear Access Mailbox

Some owners want to be able to receive their mail without having to go to the front of the mailbox to do so. This is ideal, especially if you live on a busy road and want to be able to receive your mail without putting you in danger. Deletes messages that the postal worker placed without being in front of the mailbox.

This makes deleting your mail quick and easy, and ensures that you are not in danger of being hit by a car when you receive your mail. Families who have children who love to collect mail can often benefit from this type of mailbox, because it is not dangerous for the child to go alone and receive mail.

Post Included Mailbox

Placing a new mailbox in your residence is not necessarily frustrating, although many people worry about how they will install it for their boxes. Whether you are tired of your old mailbox, have always had a box in the post office, or have just built a new home, you need a mailbox, buying an included mailbox will make installation easier.

You don’t have to worry about choosing or building the correct size of the post when you select a post that comes with it. Because you will have everything you need to install your box, you will be able to quickly finish the work without much trouble.

Outgoing Mail Slot Mailbox

Although most mailboxes can be used for inbound and outbound mail, if you have a lock box, you’ll want to consider a mailbox with an outbound mail slot so you can send mail from your home without having to go to the post office. These mailboxes will have a specific location where postal personnel can easily access without a key, allowing them to remove their outgoing mail and take it with them. Although many are concerned that this slot means that their incoming mail will be compromised, this is not true.

Inbound messages will continue to fall into the locked part of the mailbox, while outbound messages will be in an unsecured open area. Exceeding the mail slot is usually above the blocked area of the mailbox, usually not very large. This means that you can send some letters, but if you have a lot of outgoing mail, then you may need to take it to the post office.

Newspaper Holder Mailbox

Newspaper Holder MailboxIf you still receive newspapers, you’ll want to make sure you choose a mailbox with a slot delivery. This will ensure that your files do not stay out in the rain, fall on dirt, or take up space in your mailbox. Don’t worry about looking for your papers when you go looking for them because it will be clearly visible and accessible without any problems or looking for your part.

Some are hooks that can be placed under the paper mailbox, while others have a separate newspaper compartment. Whichever you choose, you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging your newspaper.

Novelty Mailbox

If you like some kind of hobby, like some kind of animal, or a big fan of a sports team, then you might want to express yourself through your mailbox. Novelty mailboxes come in a variety of colors and styles. If you can’t find what you want in the store, you can usually hire someone to make you a novelty mailbox, whether you want a skunk, a bear, a boat or an old car as a design.

It is important, when choosing a novelty mailbox, you need to get one that is large enough for the amount of mail you want to receive. Some new mailboxes will have a different shape, meaning there may not be a large cavity inside for your mail, making it difficult for postal staff to easily place their mail inside. These mailboxes work just like traditional mailboxes, but they are an interesting and different way to get your mail.

Anti-Pry Mailbox

Depending on where you live and how secure you want your mail to be, you may have to choose a more secure mailbox than blocking. Recrowbar mailboxes are specially designed to make them impossible to open, even with the help of a lever.

If you often receive checks or expensive items in the mail, or if you go on vacation and do not want trouble stopping mail, then you will want to think about a mailbox with this feature. This will give you peace of mind that no one is able to pry to open your mailbox and reach your mail.

Inter-locking Latches Mailbox

It is very frustrating that during the night or during the day in your mailbox, only wet due to bad weather. When choosing a mailbox with interlocking locks, then you do not have to worry about whether your doors will be completely closed and securely and whether they will remain closed. This feature is ideal because it prevents the door from appearing and opening when the mailbox is closed and ensures that the mail stays dry, regardless of the weather.

Recessed door Mailbox

The built-in doors of your mailbox not only look really good, but also help prevent rain from entering your mailbox. When you choose a mailbox with a built-in door, your mail will still dry, even if the door is not closed all the way. Workers tend to leave the door at the time of delivery to break. Instead of going home wet mail, you can rely on built-in doors to keep your mail dry and safe.

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