How To Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades And Plates

Meat grinders have been a very assisting tool in the kitchen. It makes a significant impact by grinding all your kitchen essentials alongside meat. Amid the grinding, the blade of the meat grinder plays the most crucial role. But have you ever wondered how to sharpen them? How make them more efficient? Let us take an overview of how to sharpen the meat grinder blades and plates and maintain them convincingly.

A Guide to Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades and Plates

The sharpening process of meat grinder blades and dishes can be done in 3 most available means:
  • Using a belt sharpener
  • Using a sharpening stone
  • Using sandpaper
  1. Using a belt sharpener

Many of you might not be familiar with the belt sharpener thing. It is a knife and tool sharpener that comes in a belt-shaped structure. It is recommended to start sharpening with a good and efficient belt sharpener. For that, always pick a fine grit, to begin with. The coarse sand can also be applied in case you cannot grind meat and clogs. The next step is to sharpen your blades and plates. The best way to get the perfect sharpening is by working on one surface at a time. Concentrate on one surface at a time and move to the other afterward. Remember, the goal is to make a mirror sharpening. So, continue until it turns so. This way completes all the surfaces convincingly. The method implies to give the perfect sharpening to the blades and plates if appropriately executed.belt sharpner

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  1. Using a sharpening stone

By the name, you can already guess that a stone will do the sharpening. Take the stone that works quite well for sharpening. The diamond stones are much reliable in this case. It is always recommended to take a fine coarse or extra-fine coarse (for better sharpening) grit stone for the process. The better coarse grit gives you the best sharpening within small labor. Make sure to use it properly. After you take the stone, the blades and plates need to be rubbed on it. There are no restrictions for rubbing the edge and plates on it. For peaceful purposes, you can do the back and forth of each side ten times in a row. Observe after doing that. If the sides become sharpened, you don’t need to do that further. In this manner, you can sharpen all the hands of the blades and plates and make them efficient for further uses.
  1. Using sandpaper

One of the most natural and most used processes for sharpening the blades and plates of the meat grinders is sandpaper. The sandpaper is a robust, abrasive coat of glass or paper with abrasive material glues on one surface. For the sharpening, take a glass material on a robust flat surface. Rub the surface with a little water to clean it. After making the whole surface a little damp, place the sandpaper over it. The surface and the platform are ready takes you to sharpen the blades and plates. Before that, test the sharpness of the blades and plates by paper or cloth. It will give you a clear idea of how much to sharpen them. Rub the blades and plates one surface at a 45-degree angle ten times per segment. It will give the perfect sharpening and will enable the best way to sharpen. There are no restrictions in fixedly rubbing them. Rub it until you feel it is sharpened convincingly. The process is the most available and used technique among the other. The outcome is also very evident. You can apply this anywhere at any time.

How to flatten the meat grinder plates

It should be known before the operation that the plates of the meat grinder are meant to be flattened not sharpened. To make the perfect flattening, use the sandpaper. Its coarse grit makes the best flattening to the surface. Now come to the point of flattening. Take a small paper stone and rub it on one surface of the plate. Rub it until there remain no sharpie marks and unflatten surface on the plate. Continue the rubbing until you get your desired result. The sharpie marks and the unflatten surface of the blade give the symptoms to flatten it. As soon as the signs disappear, your work will be done. The mirror face on the blades will provide the best flattening. Do it with patience and get the best flattening to your plates.

How to store and maintain meat grinder blades and plates

The removable meat grinder blades and plates are one of the soul things to be considered while using a meat grinder. The meat grinder stands on the performance of these things. So, proper and safe maintenance of them should be ensured.


The first and foremost thing to know is how you can clean the blades and plates of the meat grinder.  The blades and plates are to be soaked in a warm soapy water solution. It will remove all the dirt components from them. After a few minutes, you take them out and clean them wholly by a sponge. The dirt components will be removed easily by this process. The process is very and friendly to implement. Make sure to store them properly. But how? Let’s show you some proper ways to save the blades and plates of a meat grinder.


Storing the blades and plates firmly is very necessary for an excellent performance. You can store them in many ways that are convenient for you. Here are some easy, reliable steps to implement:
  • Store them by spraying particular spray with food-grade silicone (LEM or other). It kills germs and bacteria.
  • Store them in rice for a safe and healthy texture
  • Spreading mineral oils on them and then storing gives a proper future functioning to the blades and plates.
More or less, the spraying of the food-grade silicone tends to be vastly used for its convenience and feasibility.
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