How To Layer A Bed Like A Hotel

If your hotel bed is perfectly layered, it is one of the most comfortable spaces you’ll see on your vacation trip. Whether you stay in your courtyard or a distant country on a journey of self-discovery, an elaborate bed feels like a small piece of home. So how do you make a bed as professionals do? Read our complete guide on how to layer a bed like a hotel. It doesn’t seem to be that hard. You’ve been making your bed ever since your mother forced you to be a child, haven’t you? But do you make a motel like bed every time you try making a 5-star hotel bed? Don’t worry, we’ve got this. Here is a complete test method of how to make a bed like a professional, from what to buy and how to layer the bed. Do you believe that you can create a luxury dream experience in your own home?

8 Exclusive Tips On How To Layer A Bed Like A Hotel

To layer a high-quality bed, you need to start with:
  • Light & 300 thread count sheets
  • Folding hospital corner
  • Comforter & Duvets
  • 2-4 matching pillows
  1. Focus on All-White Bedding

Before we tell you how to make your bed, we must tell you what you will need first. The best part of a clean hotel. Most of the 5-star Hotels use this to show how clean and comfortable their beds are, and we are looking for a similar atmosphere here. Sure, it might be sad to throw out the dark blue quilt you’ve had since college, but we’re going to have a sense of matching color here. Although many sheets can be purchased in a group, you don’t have to do it for a uniform look. Just make sure all sheets and duvets fall on the same side of the color spectrum.
  1. Avoid Fitted Bottom Sheet

The hotel bed makes you feel like a Chipotle burrito tightly wrapped in rice and beans because instead of using a sheet around a mattress, two sheets of the same top plate are used. First, put the mattress, put the sheets on the sides and at the end of the bed, and leave the corner to hang out. Then there’s corner fold hospital. To do this, lift the edges of the sheets so that the mattress forms an angle of 45 degrees, then pull the hanging fabric under the mattress. And it’s done.
  1. Use the Corners of Your Duvet Cover

Then comes the quilt or comforter, which is treated the prize as the most annoying task — thanks to the complicated duvet. To conquer this cover alone, take the upper corner of the quilt from the outside with both hands, then stretch and pull up the fluffy quilt until it is dipped into a duvet. Bed bugs can be a simple decorative solution, and although by no means the wrong choice when buying bedding, they are an extra fluffy duvet (or down substitute), and cotton duvet covers for an ultra-luxurious and truly paradisiacal hotel bed feel. Look for a 5cm wide complement longer than your duvet cover for an ultra-luxurious result.
  1. Perfect Combination of Pillow

You may find a thick pillow in a hotel bed, but it doesn’t stop here. Normally, unless you specify a feather allergy, your bed will be equipped with 2 to 4 feather pillows and two fiber-filled pillows with plenty of options.making bed like a hotel
  1. Treat Wrinkles with Water Spray

The secret is a spray bottle filled with running water. First of all, evenly spray the liquid on your duvet cover (the corners still need to protrude). Next, shake the top layer until you can see that the fold begins to settle.
  1. Fold the Comforter

To ensure that the number of duvets you fold inward (let the pillow sit in the upper space) is uniform, use the arm as a guide. When karate cuts about two feet in fabric, you can bend the ends from one side of the bed.
  1. Flatten the Pillows and let them stand

Put your hands in the middle, then repeatedly push it out in the opposite direction, making your pillow about half of it before you start. Then grab the top two corners of your pillow and stand next to the headboard. Then stack your other pillows on this base pillow (instead of simply resting all the pillows on the headboard, which many of us do at home).
  1. Find the Perfect Thread Count 

The best way is to combine your number of threads with a high-quality hotel. This usually means that it hovers over a mark of 300 threads. Generally, high-end hotels use cotton because it’s breathable and stays cool to the touch, so if you’re going to be real, bombarding a little more on those sheets will make the difference. Always buy 300 thread count Egyptian cotton beddings. A higher thread count than that would mean that the leaves would soon wear thin and possibly tear, and a lower thread count wouldn’t make sheets very smooth.

 Other things to consider

Here are some things to note that can help you put the bedding set on top. It turns out, if you really want to know how to layer your bed like a professional, you first have to touch the mattress on the sheets.

 Take Care of Your Bed Sheets

Changing sheets every week may look like errands, but it’s the best way to keep them soft, clean, and comfortable. Wash at a relatively cool temperature 60 degrees and always make sure they are air-dried. If that is not possible, then you will have to make the lowest adjustment in the dryer. Extra work, but it’s time you put it in bed that will really make your bed appear at night.

 Mattress Makes the Bed 

If you have a great bed to start, you can really have a great hotel bed experience. Do what you want; make sure you do not skimp when it comes to comfort and support. Mixed mattresses provide plenty of support without sacrificing the comfort common to the best hotels in the world. Mattress toppers (link on this site) are also a good option to consider for extra comfort. If your foundation is strong, how can your bed layer as a hotel always end in the best possible way – a perfect night’s sleep.
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