How to take care of a Mini Fridge

Mini fridges have made it easy to use freezer in our apartment, living room, bed room, kitchen and anywhere. If you are facing space problem, mini or compact refrigerator is the perfect solution. For small house, the large fridge is overrated. You don’t need such a large space to store food. And to enjoy cold beverages in the bedroom, mini fridge is really worthy.

Mini freezers prevent the storage of unnecessary amounts of food. In addition, it allows consumers to avoid bulk purchases. If you cannot consume it within the best time to eat, you should avoid large purchases.

 Without proper care and maintenance, your mini fridge will not last long. To improve the life of your small fridge, proper care and maintenance are essential. The best mini fridges will last years after years.

Follow these steps to keep your mini fridge healthy.

  1. Regular cleaning

According to experts, if you want to clean it, there is really no need to turn off the refrigerator. If you want additional lighting in the refrigerator, do not unplug or remove the water source from the freezer.

 You can remove the stored foods and the removable shelves or compartments. Clean the compartments with soapy water. Be sure to remove hard spots from the skin because they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

 Clean the inside of the mini-fridge with a small sponge and wipe the mixture. Clean the main and sides of the machine. Remove the foam inside the refrigerator. Dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure that you also clean the bulb to get rid of frost.

 You can also try to label your food. Indicate the date of preparation, so that you know if it has perished.

  1. Keep the coil clean

mini fridge coil cleaning

 When the condenser coil is covered with dust, the refrigerator does not work efficiently. Twice a year, remove the machine from the wall to reveal the rear coil (or tighten the grille if the coil is at the bottom), unplug the refrigerator and empty it with a brush attachment.

  1. Adjust the correct temperature

 Keep a refrigerator between 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a 0-degree freezer. Read Governments instruction here.

  1. Fill it up (even if you never cook, just to go)

 The refrigerator needs a “hot dough” (also known as many things) to keep the temperature low. Fresh food and drinks help absorb the hot air that flows when the door is opened. If you are eating out type or your refrigerator is too large, you can store some pots of water there.

  1. Check the door seals

 Loose sealing allows cold air to leak, waste energy, making the refrigerator work harder than it requires. First, make sure that the seal is free of food residues. (Clean about twice a year, use a toothbrush and a solution of baking soda and water). Then try the dollar bill test: close the door so that half is inside and half is outside. If it slides easily, you may need to have a door seal for a professional check.

How to remove the smell of a mini refrigerator?

removing odor from a mini fridge using lemon wedges

Cut a lemon into a wedge and place the wedge in the back compartment of the refrigerator. This will help neutralize unwanted odors inside.

How to defrost a mini fridge?

When your mini fridge runs out of staff for a long time, such as moving out or during Thanksgiving, winter or spring break, your refrigerator will have to thaw. Plan to defrost your refrigerator at least 24 hours before leaving.

Follow these steps to defrost your mini fridge defrosting

  • Remove and discard any interior elements.
  • Unplug the refrigerator, open the door and place a towel or tray under it to absorb moisture. You may also want to put a towel in the fridge as moisture accumulates.
  • Let it stay all night.
  • Clean any excess moisture the next morning and dry any towels, trays or fabrics you use in and around the refrigerator.

 It’s also a good time to clean the shelves, drawers of your mini fridge. Never use aggressive or abrasive detergents in the refrigerator; the mixture of hot water/baking soda or warm soapy water will do the trick.

 An important tip: Make sure the inside of your fridge is dry before closing the door to avoid mold and bacteria!

How to use a mini fridge if the power goes off?

 If the power is turned off, keep the door closed and use the food from the pan. The unopened refrigerator will keep food safe for four hours; the refrigerator will keep its temperature for 48 hours, if it is full. In case of a half-filled fridge, it will last only 24 hours.

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