How To Start Riding Lawn Mower

There are generally two ways to start a riding lawn mower: electric or pull-start. Electric lawn mowers have a key that needs to be turned in order to start the engine, while pull-start lawn mowers require you to physically pull on a cord in order to start the engine.

If you’re not sure how to start your riding lawn mower, consult the owner’s manual. Starting a lawn mower can vary depending on the make and model, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re doing before trying to start the engine.

Once you know how your lawn mower is supposed to be started, follow these steps:

1. Make sure the lawn mower is on level ground. Starting a lawn mower on a slope can be dangerous and cause the lawn mower to tip over.

2. Check the oil level in the lawn mower. If the oil is low, add more oil until it reaches the full line on the dipstick.

3. Fill up the gas tank if it’s empty. Riding lawn mowers require gasoline in order to run.

4. If your lawn mower has a choke, make sure it’s in the correct position before starting the engine. Consult the owner’s manual to see where the choke should be positioned.

5. Now you’re ready to start the lawn mower! For an electric lawn mower, turn the key to the “on” position. For a pull-start lawn mower, hold down the brake pedal and pull on the cord until the engine starts.

Once the lawn mower is started, you can release the brake and begin mowing your lawn.

How to Start a Riding Lawn Mower Without a Key

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a key to start your riding lawn mower – just follow these simple steps and you’ll be up and running in no time!

1. Make sure the mower is in neutral.

2. Disconnect the spark plug wire.

3. Push the starter button or twist the flywheel keyhole clockwise.

4. Reconnect the spark plug wire.

5. Turn on the fuel valve located near the engine (usually red).

6. Pull choke lever out (away from you) halfway, then let it go back to original position. 

7. Now, hold down throttle control and give it a few short bursts of gas until engine

How to start riding lawn mower with choke

First, locate the choke lever on your riding lawn mower. It will typically be either on the right-hand side or the left-hand side of the engine, and it will look like a metal bar or ring.

Next, start the engine by turning the key in the ignition. You should see some light come on and hear a clicking noise.

Once the engine is started, slowly pull out the choke lever while holding down the accelerator pedal with your foot. Be careful not to rev the engine too high. Keep it at a low idle until you see flames shooting out of the exhaust pipe, then release both pedals and let it run for a minute or two before shutting it off.

How to start a riding lawn mower with a screwdriver

If your lawn mower doesn’t have a key, you can start it with a screwdriver. Just insert the tip of the screwdriver into the slot where the key would go and turn it clockwise. The engine should start right up.

Be careful not to overtighten the screw or strip the hole, or you won’t be able to start the lawn mower at all. Once the engine is started, remove the screwdriver and proceed as usual.

Best Condition for a riding lawn mower to start

For the best results, start your lawn mower when the grass is dry and the engine is cool. This will help prevent the engine from bogging down and make it easier to start.

If the engine is hot, you can still start it, but be sure to let it cool down for a few minutes before adding any oil or gas. Otherwise, you could damage the engine.

As always, consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on starting your lawn mower. Find the Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills here.

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