How to make a Portable Air Conditioner Quieter?

Sam Curren
Sam Curren
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The air conditioning system is almost a necessity in the summer, especially on those scorching days. These coolers help keep the body cool.


 Portable air conditioning is advantageous in many ways. However, it is also a known fact that some air conditioners’ noise can be like sleeping in a room with a helicopter.


 Even worst of all, this can be like a mini-hell of a light sleeper. That’s why we’ll look at how to make portable air conditioners quieter.


 This way, you can mute the noise of your portable air conditioner. As many people have been wondering, how can I reduce the sound of my portable air conditioner? Here are some ways of making soundproofed quiet portable air conditioners.

1. Wrap it with a blanket

If your portable air conditioner makes noise, use a blanket and wrap it in the portable air conditioner. The rug is thick and is an excellent noise absorber.


 If you wrap a series of blankets around the air conditioner to reduce motor vibration, it can absorb the vibration of the air conditioner.


 When wrapping the blanket, care should be taken not to interfere with the airway. You can do this by keeping the air space open so that the airflow comes out freely.


 The purpose of this method is to reduce the noise level but not wholly isolate it. If your portable air conditioner is old, it’s too much noise; maybe it’s time to use a new quiet, already soundproof portable air conditioner.


2. Place the air conditioner on a large carpet

portable air conditioner on a large carpet

 The leading cause of noise in your portable air conditioner is the internal vibration of the motor that drives the fan.


 This will reduce the level of vibration. You can also wrap the carpet around it as a blanket method while keeping the airflow area open.

3. Place the Portable AC on the anti-slip vibration pad

 Non-slip vibration pads are mainly used to absorb vibration from noise devices such as washing machines, speakers, or dishwashers.


 You can get one of these mats and put the portable air conditioner on top of it. It is also a noise-absorbing pad that will help absorb motor vibrations.

4. Place the AC remotely and pass the cool air through vents

This method is often seen in offices and public places. The air conditioning unit is placed outside, and the air is passed in the room through hoses.

In this way, noise does not occur much in the expected cooling chamber. This will require you to get a pipe reducer and a flexible pipe hose.

You will need a reducer with a diameter large enough to cover the vents and hoses of the portable air conditioner to accommodate the smaller diameter of the reducer.

Once you have these items, using adhesive tape, you can start by connecting the reducer to the portable air conditioner and sealing all the holes around.

Now, cold air will pass through the funnel and the pipe forcefully. Now you can bring the hose to the room you want to cool.

You can move the air conditioner unit near the window to allow hot air to come out.

Once the air and the noisy portable air conditioner is not in the same room, the noise will be significantly reduced and may not be heard.

Now that you have it, I hope this article will help you calm your air conditioner.

Watch this video to learn the hack more clearly.

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10 thoughts on “How to make a Portable Air Conditioner Quieter?”

  1. I think placing the sir conditioner on a thick rug works if it is vibrating. But wrapping it up won’t be a good idea.

    • Couldn’t agree more. But there is nothing bad in trying if it is not blocking your ventilation.

  2. Some good ideas. But the noise is not caused by the fan motor. It is the compressor. Fans are pretty quiet on their own

  3. Good ideas on making a portable ac quiet. I think maintenance is also necessary.

    • exactly. Sorry I forgot to mention. thanks for your addition Lewis.

  4. Why can’t we put whole thing on balcony. Feed cold pipe into the room, will that work?

    • I’m afraid that won’t be fully effective. But we’ll give it a try.


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