How to Keep Mattress Topper from Sliding

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Sam Curren
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If you are using or planning to use a mattress topper then it’s very important to learn how to keep mattress topper from sliding. It is because they usually slides around your bed and this can be very annoying.

What is a Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are cushions that are designed to provide additional support on an individual’s bed. Toppers were introduced to alter the texture of your bed, and they give you more comfort than just a mattress.

They are ideal if you want to achieve the proper degree of firmness or softness on your mattress without purchasing a brand-new mattress since this can prove to be quite pricey. You can use a topper to boost your comfort irrespective of whether your mattress is too soft or too firm.

When the mattress topper cannot remain in place, the issue occurs and keep sliding off. Your mattress topper won’t stay put. It slides to another from one side of the mattress, per evening creeping an inch or two. Sometimes it creeps so far that you roll off the topper on the floor.

Bedding brands design their toppers with technology to keep it in place. But many toppers are often lacking in these attributes.

This is really annoying, but luckily, there are several tips that could help you keep your mattress topper and save you topper near the bottom of your bed.

There is no reason to live with a mattress topper that is sliding. We have compiled a number of the best solutions to keep your topper from slipping off. Let’s try any one of these tips on how to keep mattress topper from sliding.

10 Best ways to keep the Mattress Topper from sliding

well kept matress topper
  1. Use Sheet Suspenders/Straps

Suspenders or sheet straps may be an effective way to make your topper remain in place. It is possible to try to keep your mattress topper from slipping off the bed using sheets that are closely fitted, but that will work just for some time, and the topper will start slipping again after a couple of hours, especially if you are a restless sleeper and tend to move a lot in bed through the night. By employing straps or sheet suspenders, you will be able not only to keep the sheet the night. However, you will also create your topper stay in position as it will be given no space by them. You only need to make sure that your sheet straps are tight. And Your mattress topper will stay in place irrespective of your preferred sleeping position or the toss and turn in your sleep.
  1. Safety Pins

We often use safety pins to keep the bed sheet in place. But you may also use them to stop your mattress topper. It is the cheapest way of maintaining your mattress topper. It is not time-consuming, and contrary to popular belief, the pins won’t budge and damage your mattress topper. You have to do it right, and your topper will stay in place. Put at least five hooks on each side of the topper. If your bed is big, you go for the large ones.

Will safety pins shred your mattress?

No, bigger safety pins won’t shred your mattress. If you use them in the right place and carefully in fixed intervals, along the borders and side, they will not ruin your mattress. Use safety pins for bigger beds to equally distribute pressure.
  1. Try Adhesive Hook-and-Loop Material

This thing is more popular as velcro. Your regional fabric or craft shop should sell adhesive strips. If you didn’t find them like everything else these days, you can order them online. Use a couple of strips strategically placed around your mattress. A set of strips at the center and each corner of the mattress is a good beginning. You can add a few more when it doesn’t work. A twin-size bed will require less velcro compared to a California king size mattress. Peel the paper backing from the hook and the loop side and then carefully press on one side on the bottoms of your mattress frame or box spring. When employing the hook-and-loop strips, it’s important to be precise. If the hook sides don’t meet the loop sides, the velcro won’t function. This is the reason you should adhere to the strips into the corners. Although you will occasionally see double-sided rug tape recommended to maintain mattresses in place, we advocate using velcro instead. The tape has powerful adhesives that may harm your mattress by pulling on threads.
  1. Use Rubber Matting or Foam

Rubber has a natural grasp, making it ideal for maintaining your mattress set up. This is an economical method to resolve the issue of a mattress topper. You do not have to purchase any rubber for this trick. You just need to have any of these:
  • A yoga mat (thin preferred)
  • A soft rubber welcome mat
  • Shelf liners or matting (the liner used to aid dishes on your cabinets stay in place, often sold in home improvement stores)
  • Non-skid rubber room rug pads
The next step for you is, put one of these materials between your bed and mattress. Make sure the item you choose is flat enough not to make some lumps or bumps in your mattress. You can purchase foam rubber from Amazon if you can’t find any of them. One side of those strips comes with adhesive glue. Place the adhesive side on the top of the box or bed frame, so the rubber side stays in contact with your mattress to hold it.
  1. Use No-Skid Mats

No-skid mats are all designed to keep people of bathtubs or on slick surfaces. They may also be employed from slipping to assist your mattress topper. You have to layer the bottom side of your topper with no-skid mats and lay the topper. Make Sure you get mats with enough surface to maintain the mattress in place. After you put it, you can also use additional support by pinning the topper. Bear in mind, people have different sleeping propensity. Some folks sleep wildly. People that have a habit of moving and pulling their covers when they sleep, must follow these procedures to keep the mattress topper in position.No-Skid Mat
  1. Use Cotton or Cotton/Polyester Blend Pad

Typically, mattress toppers slide the mattress off because the surface of the mattress is too slick. Adding cotton or cotton/polyester mix pad will make sure that the mattress topper is not directly against the slick mattress. You can put a fitted sheet on the mattress and then set the other fitted sheet above the duvet and the topper. This, again, will ensure that the topper isn’t in direct contact with the glossy surface of your bed mattress and fitted sheet additionally secures the topper into the mattress.
  1. Try Carpet Tape

Dual-sided carpet tape can be used to hold a topper in place. You can put the carpet alongside the edges of the mattress and topper and even attaching them with the bed frame.
  1. Use Duct Tape

Duct tape can hold anything together and no exception for mattress toppers. The adhesive glues the mattress and topper together. But spray or liquid adhesive should not be applied since it may leave marks your mattress.
  1. Vacuum Under Your Mattress

It might sound weird, but it works. Sometimes dust, crumbs, along with other debris accumulates between your mattress and your box spring or bed frame. This debris may cause your topper to slide around on the mattress. Get the vacuum cleaner out and also perform a thorough job vacuuming the bottom of your mattress. Clean every nook and cranny of your topper. Then do the same to mattress frame or your box spring. While you’ve got the vacuum outside, you might as thoroughly vacuum the surface of your mattress so that the dust on that side does not find its way to the bottom in a couple of weeks.
  1. Upgrade your Mattress

It’s true, although we know you may not wish to hear this one. When your mattress topper does not stay put, it might be for the reason that the mattress is too old. Consider getting the new best mattress topper.

Why do mattress toppers slip?

We’ve discussed ten of the best solutions for slipping mattresses. Let’s talk about why the top pallets might slide around the bed.

  • Your mattress is old

If you’re using the mattress for many years, odds are it has collected a layer of dirt and body oil. This layer of gunk at the base of the mattress is hard to eliminate, and it can cause your mattress to slide. You may need to replace your mattress if you don’t use a mattress protector under your sheets to protect it from dead skin cells and body oil.

  • Your mattress can be two-sided

Many people like a two-sided mattress. They think it would be nice to be able to use both sides of their mattress. This helps boost its longevity from getting exhausted and stop using one side. The drawback of a two-sided mattress is both sides are made to sleep on, and that’s why there isn’t enough friction to keep the mattress topper in place.

Memory foam mattresses and pillow tops mattresses are great choices for a single-sided mattress. If you’re not keen to switch into a one-piece mattress, employing a nonslip pad or rubber material will help to prevent your mattress from sliding around on the bed.

  • Smooth mattress cover

The Mattress cover might be too smooth, offering little to no friction, affecting traction quality. The smoothness of the mattress cover is dependent upon the weave of its fabric. Both synthetic and natural substances may offer a surface that is slick, inducing a topper.

  • Absence of headboard and footboard

If your mattress topper touches both the headboard and footboard, there is a level of protection preventing it from slipping up or down. But a headboard and footboard can’t stop the topper from slipping.

  • Your bed frame is larger than your mattress

When there’s a gap between your bed frame and your mattress, it’s natural that the mattress will slide around a little bit. Nonslip mattress pads, rubber, and hook-and-loop strips can be a good remedy of problem. Another remedy would be to fill the gap between the mattress and your bed frame with wood planks or strong clothes like a towel to keep your mattress protected.

  • You use bed skirt

Bed skirts are used to hide unsightly bed frame, but they can also create a slippery layer between your mattress and the bed frame. If eliminating the bed skirt isn’t an option for you, consider choosing one made out of cotton, that has a little more friction than synthetic materials, or using a nonslip mattress pad between the cover of the bed skirt and your mattress.

  • You’re a jumper or a flopper

This frequently applies to kids but occasionally to adults. If you jump in your bed or flop after an exhausting day onto it, the drive will cause the mattress to shift. This is particularly true if it breaks atop a box. You could stop Jumping and flopping on your mattress, or use any of the above-mentioned hacks to keep it in place.

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