How to Cut Raw Steak

We all can agree that steaks are one of the most delicious meals out there. A perfectly cooked steak is more than enough to make a person fully satisfied.
But to cook a perfect steak, we need to cut the meat properly. Also, we need to take some measures to ensure a good steak. So, in this article, we will discuss how to cut meat for steak that will help you to prepare you’re the perfect dish.

How To Cut A Raw Steak like Professionals

Let’s face it, cutting a raw steak can sometimes get tricky. It’s quite different from cutting normal vegetables.
Sometimes a couple of wrong approaches while cutting raw steaks can lead to a big mess of the whole situation.
So let’s discuss some easy but effective steps that can help you cut your steak properly.

  1. Preparing the tools

raw steak cutting toolsSome essential tools for the cutting process are:

  • A big cutting board
  • A butcher knife
  • Hand gloves
  • A clean towel

The cutting board is the platform where you will cut the meat. That’s why you need to get a big cutting board.
The knife should be sharpened very well. It will make your job 100 times easier and effective. Also, you can smoothly cut through the meat. But must remain very careful when you are using a butcher knife. Make sure you use it properly and always stay alert so that you don’t get yourself hurt.
Wash the meat properly with clean water and then dry using the towel. Make sure there isn’t any blood on the steak. You can wear hand protection gloves during the process.

  1. Placing the meat

Before you start cutting, you need to properly place the steak on the board. Most people make the common mistake of putting the fat part on top and the meat on the surface. But this is a wrong approach.
If you put the fat on top, it makes it harder to trim it. The reason is it is much denser than meat. And while you trim the fat, it mashes the meat underneath. But if you put the meat on top, it makes the cutting process much easier. The fat underneath helps the knife to go through the entire meat and thus making the process more efficient with a smooth cut.
Also do not put the thick part facing towards the cutter. Because it takes away some of your control over the meat as you aren’t properly seeing what you are doing with the entire meat. You won’t also get a smooth cut by doing so. So you need to careful.

  1. Cutting the meat

Now you can start cutting the steaks. Take your knife and put it on top of the eye which is the thick part of the meat. You should maintain a perfect angle in order to get a smooth cut.
A perfect angle will allow you to see if you are cutting it properly. And it won’t cause any unnecessary problems and you will avoid yourself getting into a big mess.
You can cut a very small portion of fat from each steak piece if you want a good steak shape. The perfect shape completes the whole process.


So you see, cutting the meat isn’t as hard as you first thought. You need to follow some simple steps and you need to know how to slice beef for steak. You can use an electric meat slicer to perfectly cut your steak without any hassle. (link on this site)

Watch a video guide on how to cut beef for steaks.

How To Cut Meat Against The Grain

Before you get started, you need to what is “meat grain”. According to the oxford dictionary, it is the lengthwise arrangement of any particular fiber. It is the alignment of muscle fiber.

If you cut the meat with the grain the meat will be very tough and chewy once it is in your mouth. Your teeth need to apply a lot of force too just to cut a small portion of meat. Muscle fibers are very strong to tear apart. So, cutting meat against the grain makes it easier for you to swallow and also helps you to digest your food properly.cutting meat against the grain

Following steps will let you cut your meat against the grain.

  1. Preparing tools

  • A cutting board
  • A butcher knife
  • A fork
  • A clean towel
  1. Start Cutting

Place your meat on a cutting board. Firstly, locate the meat grain. Then put your meat in a lean position so that it is in an easy position to cut against the grain.
Take the towel to clean any blood if remains. Then take a fork and place it in the center position. Hold your knife at a perfect angle (90 degrees) with the meat grain. Now start cutting the meat.
Always cut the meat against the grain. While cutting, keep the fork in a central position for the perfect cut. Slice off the meat as you wish.


This is a very easy process of the meat cutting process. It helps you to swallow your meat properly and helps you digest as well. So be sincere and always cut your meat against the grain.


How To Cut Raw Flank Steak

How To Cut Raw Flank SteakA lot of people find it difficult to cut raw flank steak. Flank steak has long fibers which makes it difficult to cut but if you follow some simple steps and take the right approach then your job will surely get easier.

  1. Trimming

Firstly, you need to get some necessary tools like a knife, a cutting board, a towel. Then you can begin the trimming process.
Next, you need to cut off the silver membrane of your flank. In order to do that, you need to cut a small piece of the membrane. Then, you have to grab the membrane with one hand and pull it upwards while cutting it with another. You must be very careful while you’re cutting it and make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary fat

You should cut the large pieces of white fat while you’re preparing your meal. Take your knife and cut off the large fat parts.

  1. Cut it against the grain

The muscle fibers of the meat are commonly known as grain. Firstly, you need to locate the grain in the meat. It is quite easy to locate. You will see long lines going through the length of the meat.
Once you locate the grain, you can start the cutting process. Use a fork and place it through your meat to support you while you cut. Then start cutting the meat against the grain. This is the most effective way of cutting. Thus, you won’t face any problem while chewing.
It is recommended to keep your flank pieces thin. 


How To Cut Raw Tuna Steaks

cutting raw tuna steaksTuna is a very popular dish all over the world. Everyone wants to enjoy a properly cooked tuna steak. And the cutting process of tuna can be easily done by some easy steps.

Steps for Fish Filleting:

  1. Firstly, get rid of all the fish scales by using a fish scaler.
  2. Take a fish hammer. Use it to cut off the entire head of the tuna fish completely.
  3. Now cut the entire body open by starting with the stomach. Cut open the belly completely.
  4. Get rid of the gill bones. Then pull out all the body organs including the blood vessels of the fish with your hand.
  5. Clean the stomach properly with fresh water. Make sure there isn’t any internal organ remaining.

Steps for Fish Slicing:

  1. Take a cutting board and place your fillet.
  2. Slice the fish steaks very carefully. It is recommended to keep your slices 1.25-1.3 cm thick.
  3. Make sure you cut the fish steak against the grain.


How to cut sirloin Steak

These simple steps will help you cut your sirloin steak very easily.

  1. Trimming

Take a cutting board and a butcher knife. Place the meat on top of the cutting board. Get rid of the fat and sinew from your meat. It will ensure that there is no presence of any cartilage while you eat.

  1. Locating the knot

You’ll find a build-up of tissues that are like tendon and it will be much harder than all parts of the steak. This is called the knot. As soon as you locate the knot, you need to cut it off and put it aside.

  1. Cutting

You can start to cut the steak. You need to look for the grain and cut the meat against the grain. You can cut in the size you prefer. But it is recommended to keep a thickness of .75 inches. Trim off the extra fat if there remains any. Also, cut off the extra meat as well.

How to cut beef sirloin into strips

The following steps will help you cut beef sirloin into strips.

  1. First, you need to trim the sirloin meat with a meat slicer. Get rid of any extra fat.
  2. Now take a plastic bag and put the meat in it and put it in the freezer to chill. It makes it easier to strip cut the meat.
  3. Chill the meat in freezer for at least 2 hours.
  4. After that, take it out of the freezer. Take a knife and see if goes through the whole thing smoothly.
  5. If it isn’t smooth enough, you
  6. have to chill it a bit more.
  7. Locate the meat grain. You need to cut against the grain.
  8. Slice of thin pieces of meat to give it a proper strip cut.
  9. Cut the pieces according to your need.
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