Evapolar Evachill Personal Air Conditioner Review

Sam Curren
Sam Curren
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I like wintertime. I don’t mind being colder because you can always put on more layers and get warmer, but I hate being hot, especially in the office, a place where you have lights and computers running amok all over the place. It is pretty warm and toasty in there. But this Evapolar evachill solves this problem amazingly. This is a personal evaporative air cooler, or you can say air conditioner as well.

Is the Evapolar personal AC able to cool the air around me?

Well, I would tell you that it works pretty well. It makes its own little microclimate around you, and I think this will probably be good for up to two people if you have a kind of position the right way. But it really does cool the air and makes everything a lot more comfortable.

How does the Evapolar personal air cooler work?

It has a water reservoir that you can pull out and fill up with water, and a full Reservoir will get you around three to six hours of usage. Now one trip is to know that if you actually fill it up, put the reservoir in, some of that water actually seep into the place that it needs to go before it actually starts working and then you can take that reservoir back out, fill it back up a little bit and put it back in. You can get an extra hour or two out of usage by doing this. So that’s a neat little trick for you.

Evapolar Evachill Personal Air Conditioner

How to use the Evapolar evachill?

After filling the water reservoir up, you are almost ready to get cold. Just plug it in, and now you’re set to get cool. On the top, you do have one single button and also around that button a little scroll wheel, and that wheel will allow you to control the fan speed. You can also use your smart home hub or just your mobile app to control this device remotely.

However, one thing to note is that this thing is meant to work in a dry environment and not a very humid environment. That’s because this uses an evaporative cooling method. That basically means that there is a fan in the back, and it is bringing in the air to the filters on the inside of it that are using the water from the reservoir to get them all nice, wet and soggy.

What is the drawback of this Evapolar evaporative air conditioner?

To be honest, sometimes the fan gets loud. If you’re in a quiet place like an office environment, you may not want to have it on the highest level of fan. It’s not super loud. But there’s definitely a home that you’re going to be able to hear a few feet away from it. But I like to keep it may be at the mid-range level where I still get a good amount of cool air. It’s a very nice subtle hum, and it’s not that bad.

Ease of Use

Let’s take a look at the button for controlling the Evapolar evachill. At the top, you can use this button to be able to control settings like the color of the light that illuminates the water in the reservoir, gives it a little bit of style, a little flair. And also, you can turn the humidifier on and off, which is a good thing that this thing does have, especially in the wintertime. You can also set it up so that it will notify you when the water level gets low. You can have the color change to red. So that’s when you know, you need to fill the reservoir.

You can connect this thing to your smart home or either just choose to control it with your phone.


Now the best part about this unit is that it is portable, and it’s portable not only because of his size and weight. It is very small, compact, doesn’t weigh a lot, and you can put this thing in a backpack and throw it in your car and take it to whatever location you want.

To the portability, I just love that you can just plug this thing into a portable charger check it out to a sporting event or somewhere where you are probably going to be spending a number of hours, and you may look a little goofy, but it’s going to keep you cool.


For power, you can use the AC/DC power cable. But it can also be running off of a USB battery pack. So you just need a regular battery charger that you may use to recharge your phone. You can run this Evapolar portable AC unit off of that. So, if you go camping, you can put this thing in your tent and keep cool. Especially during the middle of the day or if you find yourself just being out at the park or somewhere like that, this thing will work.

What I don't like about the Evapolar Evachill

I told you a lot of good things about this air cooler. But what about some of the things I don’t like? Well, if you do have to pick this thing up and move it, you’ll probably get some water leaking out of it. Not a lot of times, but I did find me picking this up, moving it from the room. I did leave a little trail of water. But if you have the sitting fight and love your desk, just leave it there. It’s not going to start leaking out of anywhere.


Finally, the last thing would be to be able to angle the airflow coming out from this AC unit. So, just like you have the vents in your car, we can push the air up or down, which you can do the same thing with this portable air cooler. Because depending on the level of your desk or if you have this thing sitting on the ground, I wish I can point the air up towards my face. And this new model is spill-proof. So, no more worries about water leakage. So ultimately, this is a pretty cool personal evaporative air conditioner.

Buy the Evapolar evachill portable air conditioner now and enjoy the summer.

Let’s watch a video review of Evapolar Evachill Personal Air Conditioner.

Evapolar Evachill Personal Air Conditioner
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