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Top 10 Best Wall Mount Mailboxes (Review) in 2021

Locking, Decorative, Modern & Best Secure

Mails are still essential and private, that is why you should invest in the best wall mount mailbox. Gone are the times you had to visit the postal offices to get your mails. As we move with the times, the postman does not have to slide your mails under the door any more.

A mailbox is not only trendy but also acts as security for your mails. Nothing is as awful as having your mails pried by intruders or destroyed by bad weather. The best wall mount mailbox should keep your mails safe, durable and have an accessible deposit gap for as many mails.

You can choose several variants like aluminium wall mounted mailbox, brass wall mounted mailbox, plastic wall mounted mailbox. We would like to introduce you to the top ten unique wall mounted mailboxes in 2021.

For the best selection of wall mount mailbox, read on.

1. Gibraltar Wall-Mount Mailbox Woodlands Galvanized Steel Black

Gibraltar wall-mount mailbox

The popular wooden mailbox with elegant and powerful lines, subtle curves and timeless appearance ensures that it will look great in any area and in any landscape. This mid-level mailbox supports mail, magazines, and small packages. It can be coated with a white or black powder surface that will maintain its appearance and withstand the elements for a long time. The Woodland installation is rinsed to any surface and is fully assembled.


  • Made of high-strength galvanized steel.
  • Textured surface with anti-rust powder coating.
  • Clean and modern look provides space for address numbers
  • Mailbox to be fully assembled
  • Includes cutting templates for quick installation
  • Installation hardware sold separately

2. Architectural Mailboxes Villa Wall Mount Mailbox

ARCHITECTURAL Wall Mount Mailbox

This wall-mounted letterbox is a classic design for magazines and mail included. This is the mailbox that can add style to your entrance. Installation with four embossed holes on the rear panel becomes easy. Comes with assembly instructions and mounting hardware, including screws and plastic anchor bricks and other masonry mounts.


  • Weather resistant
  • Made of die-cast aluminium, powder completely coated inside and out for corrosion resistance.
  • Exquisite letterbox with elegant embossed design.
  • Durable stainless-steel hinge bolt
  • Roof elevator opens for easy mail recovery

3.Umbra Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox

Umbra 460322-040 Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox

The modern design of Umbra’s Postino wall-mount mailbox complements the front of your home, not as a conventional outlet subtracted from it. It is a unique wall mount mailboxes that looks absolutely elegant. This model is made of stainless steel with hinged lid and black powder coated surface, also available in brushed stainless steel. Hardware included; mailboxes are of course anti-climate. Designed by Matte Karl for Mode: Original design, modern, casual, modern and affordable for the home.

Umbra, Postino inspired by the classic envelope, takes the form of expanded envelopes. Its unique design is sure to have an impact through your front door.


  • Elegant design: wall-mounted brushed stainless-steel letterbox with hinged lid.
  • Classic design: To enhance the beauty of your front door, Postino used the traditional envelope style so that it looks more classic and appealing.
  • Weather resistance: Whether it is too hot or rains excessively, Postino’s letterbox can withstand any weather condition for years.
  • Easy to install: mounting accessories included; 14 x 19 x 10 cm.
  • Full Satisfaction or Refund: If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, please contact us within 30 days and we will arrange or issue a full refund.

4. PEELCO Modern Wall Mount Mailbox with lock

PEELCO Modern Wall Mount Mailbox with lock

This model of Peelco letterbox is rust resistant, since it has a galvanized steel coating. This is a beautiful type that, once installed on the wall, will look cool. and allows you to access the package at once. Finally, the type is easy to install. Below is the features that make it a best wall mount mailbox.


  • Safe, robust and comfortable: Peelco mailbox will help prevent your important messages from being destroyed, stolen or replaced.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Galvanised and powder-coated stainless-steel materials are corrosion resistant, weather resistant and durable. The thickness of 0.6 mm provides safety and sustainability for heavy duty jobs.
  • Practical magnetic Lid: easy access to the letterbox, either with or without a key.
  • Modern and elegant look: The letterbox has a stylish and modern design with a smooth proximity function.
  • 2 minutes installation: these mailboxes couldn’t be easier to install; the installation process takes just 2 minutes even if you are a novice. All hardware includes 2 keys.
  • Imported and assembled in United States.

5. Special Lite Products Hummingbird Horizontal Mailbox

Special Lite Products Hummingbird Horizontal Mailbox

This is a vintage wall mount mailbox. The special lite version is a good decoration, the mounting plate is steel, the case is aluminium, the product is a powder coating, so it is weatherproofed. The mailbox can keep the mail safe while the installation time is not long, it can take only ten minutes and you will get the product ready to run. Special Lite is definitely a special mailbox.


  • Decorate the residential mailbox
  • Maintenance-free cast aluminium
  • Powder coated surface.
  • Wall Mailbox Shb-1004-Boolean Hummingbird Level House

6. Mail Boss High Security Wall Mounted Mailbox

Mail Boss High Security Wall Mounted Mailbox

The Epoch design lock box is a secure wall mount letterbox made of heavy gauge 16-gauge coated steel with a patented locking gadget to prevent theft. This safe has an anti-theft door that accepts letters, checks and small parcels. Commercial Grade Door Lock Including Three (3) Laser Cut Keys This safety cover is ideal for offices, military bases, schools, car dealerships, private postal centers, rental facilities and more. It’s a large wall mount mailbox that can hold a lot of letters at a time.


  • Wall-mounted security mailbox for convenient application, including overnight placement, key delivery, payment delivery, inter-office mail, etc.
  • It has patented locking mechanism. Chrome tempered steel hook is added for additional security.
  • features heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized steel construction, coated surface and innovative box door design to prevent fishing
  • Stainless steel hinge for durability and ease of use

7. Salsbury Black Traditional Mailbox

Salsbury Black Traditional Mailbox

Salsbury 4600 series traditional standard mailboxes can be used for home mail delivery. Made from 20-rail plated steel and includes a 5″ removable hook. Salsbury Industry is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has had a good manufacturing performance since 1936.


  • Durable powder coated surface available in black, green, beige and white.
  • Horizontal and vertical styles available
  • The letterbox can be mounted on the surface.

8. Whitehall Aluminium Wall Mailbox

Whitehall Aluminium Wall Mailbox

Whitehall always produces high quality home decor for customers all over the world over the years. Family and garden logo. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, it has built a house where they continue to produce industry-leading designs, both converging and trendsetting. Wind & Rain Whitehall also produces first-class mailboxes and custom address plans,

Its manufacturing facilities use the best and most sustainable materials and follow world-class lean practices to ensure quality and allow us to place your order to your products to be tested for their durability to ensure service life. Each cleanroom designs Each custom product design begins with artist rendering, specially designed to achieve aesthetic details through the manufacturing and finishing process. The representation is then transformed into an original pattern, usually carved by the artist’s hand.


  • Wall Mounted Personalised Mailbox: Create a stylish first impression with this classic wall-mounted mailbox and enhance the appeal of your roadside home. Made of sand casting, high density aluminium. Dimensions: 14.5″ x 15″ x 8″. The mailbox size is 12.25 inches x 1.25 inches.
  • Personalize your street name and address: When ordering, simply enter up to 5 digits for your address and up to 11 characters (capital letters) for your street name. Black/Gold, French Bronze/Gold, White/Gold or Black. Shipment only applies to street addresses.
  • Secure Locking Mailbox: Keep your mail and hand over the lock and keys until you get home. Mailbox includes lock inserts and keys.
  • Cast Aluminium Sand: Made of high density cast aluminium sand, giving your entrance a traditional elegant look while resisting the test of time. Weatherproof aluminium protects your investment from the harsh weather and environmental factors, prolonging the life of the product and maintaining its appearance and functionality for years to come.
  • A bit of assembly is required – it’s easy to assemble Whitehall mailboxes with just a few simple tools, and they all come with complete and detailed instructions.

9. Jssmst Locking Mailbox: Wall Mounted Vertical Black

Jssmst Locking wall mount Mailbox

The Jssmst safety box uses only high-quality components, and the durable material ensures reliability and safety. Every purchase includes our lifetime service and we will be happy to help you answer any questions.


  • Metal
  • Large Capacity: Jssmst mailbox can hold magazines and large envelopes, can hold day value mail at a time.
  • External dimensions: 35.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches; Internal storage dimensions: 13.2 x 11.2 x 3.8 inches.
  • Security with key lock: Jssmst mailbox includes a key lock with 2 keys to prevent theft
  • Weather resistance: This wall mount letterbox is made of high-quality galvanized steel to prevent rust. It also enhanced the strength and durability of the mailbox.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Jssmst mailbox includes pre-drilled holes, mounting screws and easy to install instructions.

10. Simplay3 Classic Home Plastic Residential Mailbox

Simplay3 Classic Home Plastic Residential Mailbox

Classic Home Mailbox is a series of super durable mailboxes and postal combinations designed by simplay3. With front and rear mail access doors, convenient and secure mail retrieval, unique mail alert logo and easy installation, this mailbox is a perfect addition to your traditional or rustic style home.


  • Traditional large black and white cockpit mailbox with classic rear stand features two heavy-duty magnetic access doors for secure front and rear mail recovery.
  • Includes installation hardware, postal cover and address pasted mailbox number.
  • Large capacity letterbox is suitable for small boxes, newspapers, magazines, envelopes etc. Cherry red mail collection indicator rotates 90 degrees from the front letterbox door.
  • Quick and easy installation of mailboxes on new or existing 4×4 wooden pillars (not included).
  • Sturdy double wall construction – Made in the USA.

Wall mounted Mailbox Buying Guide

So, how to choose the best wall-mounted home mailbox?

 Choose from a variety of building materials, as well as design, size and additional features to further improve the use of your letterbox.

 Don’t worry!

This shopping guide will help you choose the one among different types of mailboxes that suits your needs.


Mailbox size

The mailbox size must fit all document sizes that you can receive. Therefore, select the mailbox size based on the number and size of the messages you receive most frequently.


Building materials

Your wall-mounted letterbox must withstand any weather conditions. If you use it outdoors, it must be waterproof to continue serving without damaging any of the documents that are in the mailbox.

The type of material used for the construction of the mailbox determines its durability and tolerance to elements. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each material before buying. Your choice.


Locking function

Do you need a closed mailbox? Keep your mailbox safe and protected with a locked design. These are especially ideal for people who travel regularly or stay away from their homes for a long time.

Wall-mounted boxes may or may not have a locking function. However, if you are looking for the best way to protect your documents and messages, it is important to keep your mailbox safe.

For more safety, some models are equipped with 12 wafer disk locks, stronger than normal locks. In fact, the letterbox should be strong and secure enough to protect documents and letters from theft. If you receive something confidential or valuable, you can safely choose a lockable mailbox.


Design and color

When it comes to finding a suitable wall-mounted mailbox, it is also important to note that the settings match the exterior decoration of the house.

When you choose to mount mailboxes on your door side wall, there are many color options to choose from, including gray, black, brown, and white. You will also find eye-catching colors such as red, blue, green and a lot of variety in metallic finishes.

In fact, the choice of the perfect design and color depends on your preferences and the design of your home look. Choose the design and color of your house with which you plan to install it.


Weather resistance:

Weather is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a mailbox, and you should choose a design that can withstand these elements, whether it’s heavy rain or extreme temperatures.

 Today’s mailboxes have a wide range of materials to suit different types of weather conditions. One mailbox can last for several years in a sunny place, but in a rainy place it instantly oxidizes, while the other may not work well in an extremely hot situation.

 Materials such as steel and aluminum can go well in heavy rains if they are waterproof, and brass requires extensive maintenance to avoid patented water-induced enzymes. Plastic letterboxes may not be a wise pick for extreme weather condition. We recommend stainless steel mailboxes as they can withstand any extreme weather and the galvanized iron and steel mailboxes are much impressively durable.


Number of users:

You also want to think about how many people in your family will receive emails on a regular basis. If you have a large family, a large size mailbox or a multi-family unit is recommended.


 Delivery on foot or on the road:

Wall-mounted mailboxes are ideal if the postman delivers mail to the front door. Post mounted mailboxes are more suitable for the delivery of mail on-road or country houses.



Love Victoria mailbox? Fascinated by the design of the country house? The chosen mailbox gives visitors a first impression of their home, so make sure they represent your personal style.



Each type of home mailbox has its own specific installation technology. Follow manufactures guideline to install. There are some federal laws regarding mailbox installation. Don’t forget to check them before installing your letterbox.



Today’s mailbox offers a wide variety of materials to suit your preferences and needs. From copper and bronze metal styles to plastic designs, there is no shortage of options. Choose material according to your budget and of course the weather condition.

Wall Mount Mailbox Installation Guide

How to install a wall mount mailbox?

Here is the complete guide to make the installation process easier for you.

 Marking walls

  • Secure the mailbox to the wall at the desired installation site.
  • Check carefully if this location is easily accessible from your sidewalk, reception or porch so that the mail will not have trouble finding it.
  • Use levels to make sure you keep the mailbox flat.
  • Open the mailbox and insert a pencil through the mounting hole on the back of the mailbox to mark the wall.

 Tip: Some wall-mounted mailboxes come with mounting templates that allow you to stick a piece of paper or cardboard onto the wall for easy marking.

 Perforated holes

  • Punch into the wall every point you just marked.

 Tip: You do not need to perform a very deep drill for this installation. You can usually use a ¼ inch drill for a brick or masonry wall, and a 1/16-inch drill for a wooden wall. Please check the installation instructions that come with your mailbox to carefully check the requirements of individual units.

 Installation Hardware

  • For masonry or brick walls, insert a plastic anchor into each drill and gently tap if necessary.
  • Follow the instructions in the mailbox installation manual to connect any necessary hardware to the mailbox or wall.

 Tip: Typically, installation hardware is not included in the wall-mounted mailbox. Refer to the email manual for more information on what you need to purchase for the correct installation

 Setup the Mailbox

  • Insert the screws into the top hole, hang on the wall, simply twist the screws halfway.
  • Insert the screw into the bottom hole, drill only half, re-check if the mailbox is horizontal.
  • Once you are sure that the mailbox is level, drill all screws securely.

 Ready to find the supplies you need at the local store? Using the Home Warehouse app to find products and view inventory, we’ll take you to the exact aisle and bay.

Learn here how to install a post mount mailbox.


How to use wall mounted mailbox?

Wall mounted mailboxes are very simple to use. After installing, you just have to keep the key safe and check the mailbox regularly. When the flag is up, take out your letter and put the flag down.

Where can I find wall mount mailboxes?

If you cannot find the best wall mount mailbox at your nearest shop, is a great way to find it within seconds. They are also available at but we prefer amazon considering the price and product diversity.
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