Best Vacuum for Small Apartment

Top 10 Best Vacuum for Small Apartment [2022]

Durable, Well Engineered & Best Value

Do you have trouble cleaning your small space? Dirt has no shame; it will attack your little piece of heaven just as it does to a big house, hence the need for the best vacuum for small apartment. You need to clean your carpet or hardwood regularly. If you own a pet, then cleaning becomes a daily routine to get rid of the pet dander.

As a small space owner, while buying the vacuum for your apartment, you need to consider size the top priority. However, there are no separate special vacuums for small spaces but just the typical ones but small in size. A small apartment includes a small storage; therefore, you need the best vacuum for apartment that does not take up so much space.

Buy one that you will not have to bump into each time you walk by. Also, usually the smaller in size it gets, the cheaper it is. But the small ones do not have premium features compared to the big vacuums for apartments. But as long as it makes cleaning more comfortable and convenient for you, it’s worth a shot.

Nevertheless, even with all the market varieties, we found the best vacuum for your small apartment.

1. Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner (Premium Choice)

Does your ceiling need cleaning? The Shark Rotator is a silent but powerful vacuum with navigator attachments that make ceilings and other areas above the floor easy to clean. With the LED lights’ help, this ideal shark vacuum for pets will reveal and clean all the dander and other hidden debris.

It is easy to use and lightweight hence comfortable to carry around while cleaning. This Shark floor sweeper has an XL dust cup capacity that provides lengthy cleaning without any stops.

Watch this video review to get more insights about Shark rotator vacuum cleaner.

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2. Oreck Commercial Xl2100rhs Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Best Choice)

Everybody needs a helping hand when it comes to cleaning. The Oreck upright vacuum cleaner comprises an ergonomic helping hand handle, making cleaning easy. Also, the handle has an on/off fingertip switch. The automatic floor adjustments enable you to clean all surfaces, including carpets, wooden, and tiles.

Cleaning is a serious business for the Oreck as it fits well to clean under most chairs, desks and even the clothes rack. The cord has a guard that protects it from damage, and the top fill bag design ensures no loss of pressure even at maximum power.

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3. Bissell Cleanview Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Value Pack)

No escape for pet dander. The Bissell vacuum cleaner has the on-pass technology that allows deep cleaning of pet dander and other surface debris at the initial single stage. The multi-level filtration system reduces dust and allergens making Bissell a healthy home vacuum.

Moreover, it’s lightweight hence easy to carry and push around. The Bissell carpet sweeper also cleans other surfaces like tiles, hardwood, upholstery, and stairs. The 25-foot power cord gives you an extended cleaning reach to the furthest corners of your small space.

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4. Eureka Powerspeed Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bags are a cliché! The Eureka has an easy to wash XL dust cup with filters instead of a typical dust bag in many vacuum cleaners. This lightweight vacuum weighs only 10lbs, making it easy to move with to any cleaning point.

With the powerful motor, the strong suction does a super cleaning job. The five height adjustment settings allow you to clean all floor types from a low, medium, high carpets, and hardwood. It also comes with all tools on-board, such as the upholstery tool, crevice tools, and the dusting brush.

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5. Shark Apex Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Say goodbye to back pains while cleaning. The Zero M self-cleaning feature cleans all hair and pet dander. The powered lift-away allows you to detach the canister and clean even above everywhere include under your furniture, with just the push of a button. 

The anti-allergen seal technology with Shark HEPA filters ensures a super cleaning task. The LED lights available on the floor nozzle and handle provide brightness in dark places, revealing hidden dirt. 

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6. Kenmore Upright Vacuum

No more messing with the mess! Kenmore has a bag indicator that informs you of when to replace your bag. Also, no more touching a dirty bag since the hands-free and self-sealing bags encourages a clean environment. 

The lift-up technology allows you to clean the floor and stairs and a want to clean high areas like the ceilings. This lightweight Kenmore cleans all pet hair, and a barefoot button enables it to transition to different surfaces easily. Amazingly, you can clean tight spaces, car interiors, and furniture due to its versatility in use.

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7. Dyson V11 Cordless vacuum cleaner

If you would like a cordless vacuum which will work for an ample space like your front room before dying out, then the Dyson V11 cordless should be worth sorting out. You get enough suction which will eliminate both pet and human hair from wood flooring or carpet. It can transform into a handheld device for vehicle interior and cleaning furniture. 

It features a filtration system capable of snatching up even the tiniest of particles. When fully charged, it can function for up to hour based on the chosen power level. You will need to order a replacement battery from the manufacturer, and this might take days or weeks, counting on your location.

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8. Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum

Miele has built their reputation around building powerful and indestructible canister vacuums. In real Miele fashion, the C2 hard floor canister vacuum combines Miele’s classic graceful styling with sturdiness and a bizarre 1200 watts of suction power.

Although designed for the simplest cleaning on hard floors (with a specialized parquet floor brush), the Miele C2 performs good on light to medium pile carpets as well. It transitions effortlessly from hard floors to carpet floors for simple cleaning.
This is not a very light vacuum at 19.35 LBS. Though, you want to consider the powerful 1200W motor and sturdy engineering before complaining about the surplus weight. It’s heavier than most but that’s because it’s perhaps the hardiest vacuum you’ll get.

If you want a canister vacuum that’s of the very best quality, you can not overlook the Miele C2. It should be the last vacuum you’ll ever buy because it could outlive even you. Never the most cost-effective vacuum you’ll find, but worth every cent.

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9. Hoover ONEPWR Blade Bagless Lightweight Stick vacuum

Hoover’s BH53350 may be a solid entry at in our top ten list of small apartment vacuums. If you’re trying to find a lighter version of a typical upright vacuum, the Hoover brand surely fits the profile, and you’ll love the wallet-friendly price tag compared to another premium vacuums on our comparison table.

It’s a bagless stick vacuum, so you furthermore may save the continuing cost of shopping for disposal dirt bags, too. Its high affordability plus the powered brush roller for carpet vacuuming are the most reasons this vacuum is our top 10 pick.

Its dual cyclonic dust vault technology captures 99% of dust and fine particles with No Loss of Suction for continuous cleaning. Moreover, its microfiber hard floor nozzle captures dust and enormous debris with the soft microfiber roller.

Some of the common complaints about this model are the shortage of accessories and average suction power. we will expect the facility issue for a reasonable and light-weight vacuum, but the shortage of accessories for vacuuming under furniture and stairs is not.

Nevertheless, this is often an honest floor vacuum if you have already got a hand vacuum for cleaning other surfaces in your studio.

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10. Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

We absolutely love the Shark Rocket HV382 and it my best rated apartment vacuum for several good reasons. First of all, it’s very lightweight at only 10 pounds and coverts into a handheld vacuum when required. Shark also offers variety of handful attachments like brush rollers, pet multi-tool and nozzle to form it a strong carpet cleaner. While, the dust cup is large enough for normal vacuuming work very well in a small living space, it also eliminates the value of disposable bags. Even better, the comb roller design that Shark developed is capable of learning large debris also as fine dust particles.

With help of its nice LED lights, you will always vacuum hallways or corners where lighting conditions are poor with great ease. On top of all that, carpet cleaning ability of the top design is very impressive for a light-weight corded vacuum. Overall, it does an incredible job across the board and takes up less space than other heavy-duty vacuums designed for larger homes.

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Buying Guide: Best Vacuum Cleaner for Small Apartment

Now that I even have enlightened you on a number of the simplest vacuum cleaners that are suitable for home cleaning, I will be able to now advance to share with you a couple of recommendations on finding the proper product for you. It is often an enormous deal to choose a specific product, especially if you do not skills to buy for quality. You’ll begin your search by comparing products supported the features summarized below.

What Makes an honest Small Vacuum for Apartments and Studios?

When buying a vacuum for a little apartment, you’ll safely avoid the most important and most powerful models on the market. They’re designed to vacuum several rooms of a house or commercial building and handle the toughest mud and dirt that you simply might encounter. More features equate to a better price. So, for apartments, you’ll specialize in finding a vacuum that’s compact, portable, and cleans efficiently.

Compact Size

Small apartments and studios don’t have the maximum amount closet space as houses do, so you’ll want to settle on a vacuum that won’t be an area hog. You’ll need the space you’ll but other cleaning and household supplies. A compact vacuum also will assist you manoeuvre around tight corners within the apartment while you’re cleaning.

Exactly what constitutes compact depends on the lebensraum you’ve got. Upright vacuums tend to require up the foremost space within the closet and while you’re vacuuming. They work best if there’s many wide-open floor spaces in each room. If not, you’ll want to think about a sleeker hand vacuum or a compact canister vacuum for normal cleaning.

Easily Portable

Portability is additionally important in small-scale apartments for an equivalent reason. the shortage of walking space means you’ll got to lift the vacuum to manoeuvre from room to room or between furniture. With vacuums, portability can mean a few things. First is that the overall weight and bulkiness of the appliance. A canister vacuum is going to be heavier than a hand vacuum, but it’ll fit into smaller spaces than an upright vacuum.

A second sort of portability is that the ability of the vacuum to succeed in surfaces aside from floors. Upright vacuums are designed for floors, but some have a hose than are often attached. Canister vacuums usually provide you with a bigger reach, allowing you to vacuum cobwebs on ceilings or devour dust from shelving with none trouble. Last but not least, hand vacuums are the foremost portable because they’re sufficiently small to handle with one hand.

Efficient Cleaning

Efficient cleaning is vital for any vacuum purchase. For an tiny apartment, though, you’ll buy little vacuum with smaller dirt collecting capacity since you’ll be vacuuming less lebensraum. If you expect to mainly vacuum dust and therefore the occasional spill, a high suction vacuum without a rotating brush bar will do the work fine. If you’ve got thick carpets with embedded pet hair and dirt, then a vacuum with a motorized brush bar will make better sense.

Corded vs. Cordless vacuum cleaner

When buying the simplest vacuum for apartment living, another major thing to make a decision is that if you favor a corded or a cordless model. Both have their own advantages and drawbacks. First, cordless vacuums are more convenient to handle as you progress from room to room and between furniture. You won’t need to manage a cord that runs out of length or gets within the way of the vacuum. A corded vacuum, on the opposite hand, doesn’t run out of battery power, nor does its battery must get replaced. Within the end of the day, a corded vacuum is cheaper to have but more awkward to use during a cluttered lebensraum.

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Vacuum for a small Apartment

Now that you’ve made up your mind to shop for small vacuum for your apartment, let’s check out the key features that outline how a vacuum works and the way these can benefit you.


The size of a vacuum impacts your ability to store it and its ability to wash more room. A small vacuum is going to be convenient for cramped apartments and spot cleaning but not if you’ve got large open rooms to hide. Check the cleaning width of a vacuum if you would like to floors quickly. the broader it is, the more floor it can vacuum because it moves. Small apartments and studios won’t require large upright vacuum cleaners, but smaller uprights are something to think about if you’ve got open spaces to vacuum regularly.

Suction Power

You’ll want more suction power if you’ve got carpeting to wash. It’ll pull the deep dirt, debris and hair out of the carpet with the assistance of a brush bar. For hardwood floors, suction is useful to vacuum them quickly, but it’s not as essential to the work unless you’ve got heavy debris on the floors that’s harder to select up.


Vacuums can affect the severity of dust allergies indoors because they kick up and expel fine dust into the air as you clean. If you suffer from these allergies, then a vacuum designed to attenuate airborne dust may be a good idea. Search for a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter, for instance. Some vacuums are designed to capture the maximum amount dust as possible, too. Vacuums that store dirt in disposable bags reduce the quantity of fine dust that they expel while they run, too.


When you aren’t vacuuming your apartment, you’ll got to stow your vacuum during a closet or other out of way place. Canister and hand vacuums have the advantage that they will be disassembled or folded and stowed on a shelf. On the opposite hand, a bulkier upright vacuum will have got to sit during a closet.


Dirt Holding Capacity

The amount of dirt the vacuum can hold before it must be emptied may be a convenience factor. A smaller holding bag or tank means you’ll got to stop and empty it more often if you vacuum frequently. And, it’ll be less of a chore to wash up. Bagless vacuums are cheaper to take care of because you won’t got to purchase bags, but it does take longer to empty them and clean their filters.

Floor Type

The floors you’ve got are going to be a serious think about the sort of vacuum which will be best for your apartment. If you don’t have much carpeting to wash, you’ll get by with stick vacuums that make quick work of linoleum, vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors. Upright vacuums have carpeting in mind with rotating brush bars to assist pull dirt out of the material. Larger canister vacuums can handle most floor types, but they typically lack moving brush bars needed for high-pile carpets.

Extra Gear

You should also check if you’ll need additional gear for your cleaning, so you’ll find one that suits your needs. You will find products that include tools for cleaning pet’s hair and eliminating tough stains. Some others can equally be ready to clean upholstery, ceiling, under furniture, or a crevice, so you would like to think about all options available to you.


Indoor pets will mean more frequent vacuuming, and long dog hair are harder to vacuum than dust and loose debris. You’ll get to choose a bigger vacuum with more suction, and a brush bar which will help to tug pet and human hair out of carpeting and furniture. A strong canister vacuum is often an honest solution because they need better suction and provides you the pliability of vacuuming furniture and crevices.


A vacuum’s weight will increase the fatigue of using it for long periods of your time. If you’ve got restricted spaces in your apartment, you’ll got to lift a vacuum to maneuver it from one area to a different. A light-weight little vacuum may be a more sensible choice as long because it has the facility to handle the vacuuming work you’ll got to do.


A medium-sized, lightweight vacuum for an apartment could cost quite lot, so you would like to draw up a budget before browsing the lot. on the average, you’ll got to spend between $200 and $500 for a top-quality product, but that does not mean there are not any other low-priced options that are worth finding out.

Cord or Cordless

Another thing you’ll need to choose is whether or not you would like a tool that features an influence cord or one that’s battery operated. Units with an influence cable offer you more extended cleaning time, whereas those with an influence battery will only function for a quick period.

Devices with cables can only provide a particular amount of workspace counting on the cord length, except for a tiny apartment, you’ll find a couple of both options that are suitable for you.


Questions that you need to ask yourself before buying an apartment vacuum

How frequently will I clean?

How often you’ll vacuum are going to be an element within the dirt capacity. If you would like to wash more often, then you’ll got to empty the dirt from a vacuum more often, too. A large vacuum will go longer before it must be emptied and cleaned. You would possibly also want to shop for a vacuum with more suction power if you would like to wash less frequently, especially if you’ve got carpets.

What if I even have allergies?

If you or somebody else living within the apartment suffers from dust or pet allergies, it’ll add up to shop for a vacuum equipped with HEPA filters and anti-scatter technology. they’re going to keep the allergen-causing dust in check better than a typical vacuum will.

What proportion space do I have?

When you consider the quantity of space you’ve got tocheck out both space for storing and therefore the amount of open space in each room. Wide open spaces make uprights easier to manoeuvre, and they’ll clean large spaces more efficiently. Check the dimensions of your apartment’s closets, too. It will determine if you’ve got space to store larger vacuums out of sight.

What quite surfaces do i would like to use the vacuum on?

The surfaces you would like to vacuum make a difference during a couple ways. Carpets are harder to wash because dirt becomes embedded in them. Shaggy carpets and rugs are the foremost difficult to wash. You’ll need a vacuum with a rotating brush bar that beats the dust out of the carpet as you progress the vacuum over it. Hardwood floors, on the opposite hand, are often cleaned with just vacuum suction.

Other surfaces that collect dust like shelves, drapes and stairway require smaller vacuums. Long hose attachments are available handy for these cleaning tasks, as do handheld vacuums designed for little cleaning jobs.

What is the background level of the vacuum?

Apartments often have thin walls, so a quieter vacuum is going to be appreciated by your neighbors. Concentrate to decibel levels indicated within the features list on a vacuum’s description. A lower number means a quieter vacuum. None of the vacuums in our line up are loud enough to need hearing protection, but a few are often uncomfortable for sensitive ears. We made note of it when noise was a problem.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements?

Vacuums don’t need much maintenance, but you’ll got to clean them periodically. Bagless vacuums are dumped out and therefore the filters typically got to be washed, while you’ll got to buy dirt bags for vacuums that aren’t bagless. We love how the bagged vacuums take the effort out of emptying them, but you buy that convenience. Brush poles can become congested with hair and debris that wraps around them, too. Decide to turn an upright over and clean its roller periodically when snarls develop.

What is the warranty on the vacuum?

Warranties are often important because they create the difference between buying a replacement vacuum that’s weakened and having it replaced for free of charge. Manufacturer warranties cover a particular length of your time after a sale, so it concentrates while comparing warranties for vacuums that are otherwise equal. An extended warranty period is bringing in buyer’s trust and it’s always better. It also means it’s more likely to be covered for a repair or replacement.

Are there any favorite sorts of apartment vacuums?

The three main sorts of vacuums are canisters, uprights, and hand vacuums, and that they each have their strengths. Canister vacuums are the foremost versatile if you would like to vacuum hard-to-reach surfaces, and hand vacuums are the foremost portable and light-weight. It is said that upright vacuums are best for vacuuming open floors and carpets. If you would like a vacuum that doubles as a car or RV vacuum, the smaller canister and hand vacuums are the simplest choice.

Why do I need a Vacuum Cleaner?

If you’re looking to eliminate dirt from your floor, ceiling, floor, or vehicle, then a vacuum could get the work done efficiently. It is easy to use and will last a couple of good years, especially if you agree on a top-quality product.

Are Cordless Vacuum Cleaners as Effective the Corded Ones?

Depending on the suction power, you’ll find both options that are excellent when it involves cleaning a little space. But you ought to know that cordless vacuums run on battery and can got to be charged for you to use. On the opposite hand, those with cords could easily get tangled as you progress with the device. So, it rests on you to choose one you’ll work with comfortably.

How Long Will It Take to Charge a Cordless Vacuum?

Give or take, between two and 4 hours. Once you purchase the unit for the primary time, you would like to charge it for 3 and a half hours or more to power the battery to be used for up to hour, counting on the facility mode.

What is a HEPA filter?

While buying a vacuum, you’ll encounter the term HEPA filter and wondered what it does. Simply put, HEPA filtration (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is an air purification technology that aims to eliminate up to 99.97% of particles with a size of 0.3microns or higher. It is the very best filtration level you’ll get from a vacuum, so you’ll want to think about this feature in your unit.

Do I need filtration for my Vacuum Cleaner

Yes! you are doing. A filter helps to trap in microns and antigens that would pose a health risk when inhaled. When employing a vacuum, tons of bacteria-laden particles are circulated within the air which you’ll inhale without a purification system.


A vacuum is not any longer a standing buy but inevitable for house cleaning chores. It’s among the must-have items in every home. You will also get a small vacuum for a small apartment for a small space owner since it’s affordable and convenient to suit within your schedule.

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