Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioners

  • Editor’s Choice
  • Black + Decker BPACT14WT Silent Portable Air Conditioner
  • Black + Decker Silent Portable Air Conditioner
  • 50 dB, 350 Sq. Ft coverage, Built in dehumidifier
  • Best Value
  • Whynter Quiet portable air conditioner
  • Whynter Quiet Portable Air Conditioner
  • 52 dB, 500 Sq. Ft., Auto evaporation system
  • Premium
  • Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner
  • Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner
  • 52 dB, 550-700 Sq. Ft., with Dehumidifier, 14000 BTU

There are 37 portable air conditioner brands and they have launched more than 200 different models all together. It’s really difficult to find the quietest portable air conditioner among these 37 brands. With summer just around the corner, have you bought the best quiet portable air conditioner? If not yet, we will help you to find the perfect portable ac here.

The hot air during summer tends to be uncomfortable, thus needing a cool off from air conditioners. However, investing in the fixed central air conditioners can be costly while the market has affordable options for portable air conditioners.

The best portable air conditioners are quiet, successfully cooling and convenient at any time from wherever. To stay cool and quiet at the same time, you need to shop for the best quiet portable air conditioner. Make sure you get white noise level that is convenient for a baby’s room as well.
Being a sweet home maker, we always try to make your home precious and more adorable. All our efforts are towards that.

Imagine! You are making your sweet home with many equipment & gears to make it comfortable for dwelling. But your favorite tiny (below 600 sq. ft.) room yet feeling discomfort for seating heat & colossal humidity. Here, I think you need one of the best quiet portable air conditioners.

Today, every air conditioning unit bears the nomenclature ‘quiet’ or some variant at some point in its advert or packaging as well. But does it really mean to the customer always? Or did you know that the best quiet portable air conditioners also dehumidify the air while cooling it?

It doesn’t help matter much – especially if you’re super sensitive to sound, need to make certain that your baby sleeps sweet at night or just simply want some noise free calm operation. For that, you have to make a silent air conditioner bedroom.

So, don’t spend hours looking for a model without deep mining the reviews. We will help you to determine which is the best quietest portable air conditioner for your sweet home, dorm or office and as well as what are its best and worst features.

In this article, you’re going to read about the reasons you should buy an ultra quiet portable air conditioner instead of a fixed quietest window air conditioner or even a quiet central air conditioner. We let you know what else to know about the best quiet portable air conditioners.
Read our best quiet portable air conditioners reviews to find out which are the leading models in today’s market.
Let’s start!

Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioners (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

Quiet, Efficient & Best Value

Quick List of The 10 Quiet Portable Air Conditioners

  1. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner, 14,000 BTU- (Premium)
  2. Black + Decker Quietest Portable Air Conditioner, 12,000 BTU – (Best Choice)
  3. Whynter Portable Air Conditioner, 12,000 BTU – (Best Budget)
  4. Frigidaire 13,000 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner
  5. De’Longhi Pingiuno Portable Air Conditioner, 14000 BTU
  6. Vremi 12000 BTU Silent Portable Air Conditioner
  7. SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner: Best Portable AC for Damp Areas
  8. Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner and Heater
  9. JHS 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  10. Emerson Quiet Kool Portable Air Conditioner

1. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner 14,000 BTU

Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner 14,000 BTU (Black MN14CCSBB)


Overview: Honeywell MN14CCSWW is a portable air conditioner with convenient automatic evaporation function, which means it will not continually drain the water condenser buckets; instead, it will evaporate. With 3 Speed-settings and a timer, this product provides robust temperature control and quiet operation at just 52 dB.

The unit is equipped with a double filter for clean air and double drain options. Besides, the device will automatically evaporate water. This Honeywell AC eliminates the need to pay attention to keeping an eye on a bucket.

This air conditioner keeps the air fresh and cool in large rooms ranging from 550 to 700 square feet. Don’t worry about your sleep – sleep mode will keep the air conditioner’s noise to the least.
Infra-red remote control lets you operate all the functions of the base unit throughout the room.
Portable air conditioning units are cheaper than the installation of the whole family, as you can cool your room at that time. Easy-skate means you can move it from the bedroom to the living room and is perfect for use in the bedroom, office, or apartment.

The device is equipped with everything you need to get started, including a window mounting kit that allows you to place the exhaust pipe in a semi-permanent position. The window kit can be removed when the device is not required. The window kit is easy to install and comes with an adjustable bracket that fits windows width between 19.9 and 47.25 inches.

The cooling unit is controlled by refrigerant R410A, which includes a convenient automatic evaporation system, without the need for tubs. Fan mode keeps air circulation when no air conditioning is needed, while the washable air filter captures dust particles so you can breathe more cooling air.
Watch this video review of Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner.

Reasons to Buy

  • Powerful cooling – fast temperature reduction
  • Ideal for a studio apartment
  • Wide range of area coverage
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain

Reasons to Avoid

  • It becomes a little noisy when the weather is too hot. The fans move very fast to cool the room (not sleep mode).
  • Moderately heavy for one person to carry
  • Timer works only in hour increments


2. Black + Decker Quietest Portable Air Conditioner, 12,000 BTU

Black + Decker Quietest Portable Air Conditioner, 12,000 BTU


Overview: This Black + Decker Portable Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU is a fantastic device for a large room. It is to cool down a large place immediately but sadly doesn’t have a heating option. The AC unit provides 12,000 BTU; that’s a lot to cool or heat a room to 250 sq. Ft.

The device is self-draining and capable of being permanently set up for continuous use. We discovered the dry mode to be particularly helpful when it’s exceptionally humid. It has four operational modes: auto, cool, dry, and fan.

It immediately made the space more comfortable and did so at a reasonable price. This AC unit, such as others featured in this guide, sits on wheels, making it easy to move it out of one space to another. But it may be set up on a semi-permanent basis in a single location, with the window-conversion kit that is contained in the package.

The exhaust hose is approximately 20” long, and the window kit matches a window up to 48″ in width.

The remote control provides complete functionality from the comfort of upgrade tech. The device is controlled using a push-button panel that offers temperature-accurate control within the heating or cooling purposes, or can only circulate the air across the area using the 2-speed fan controller.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent, compact machine
  • Quiet operation
  • Window-kit fits a window of up to 48 inches in width
  • Built in dehumidifier
  • Cost-effective

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only two fan speeds


3. Whynter Portable Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU Dual Hose)

Whynter Portable Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU Dual Hose)


Overview: From Whynter, comes the ARC-122DS Elite. We want to point out right away to you that we were very skeptical about a product that calls itself the elite. Skeptical might be the wrong word, but let’s say we were cynical. Whynter is calling their product the elite means it has pretty big boots to fill. Did it live up to expectations? Let’s check out from our review.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this quiet portable air conditioner can cool up to 400 square feet of room or area, making it ideal for apartments, homes, offices, and server rooms.

ARC-122DS Elite is one of the company’s latest portable double hose air conditioners, which has many advantages when compared to previous models such as Whynter ARC-12SD and Whynter ARC-14Sh. First, let us introduce you to what might be your new best friend, or at least your new best quiet portable air conditioner.

The Whynter ARC-122DS is a portable air conditioner that is very compact and only 29.5 inches high. Thanks to its double hose system, it is ideal for efficient cooling and better use of the limited space available.

As already mentioned, it is not the first Whynter portable air conditioner, but probably the best. One thing, it has a much better EER of 12, compared to predecessors 10.9 and 11.2 of the ARC-12SD and ARC-12S, respectively.

Apart from the expected air conditioning, it also benefits from additional modes such as the dehumidifier and fan. We understand that many people hate the idea of a portable air conditioner. Because they imagine it will involve having to empty it regularly.

However, with ARC-122DS Elite, you no longer have to worry about this. It has the Whynter-patented manual and continuous auto-drain technology. Moreover, the addition of the remote control means that you have very little to worry about with the actual running of this appliance.

What about the bedroom? Well, as the title announced, this is by far the quietest model we’ve reviewed, generating a sound that measures at less than 52dB. Therefore, unless you are blessed or cursed with incredibly sensitive hearing, we believe you can comfortably sleep, even so, keep the air in your room clean and cool at night.

The only drawback that we can find is that if you are not familiar with this type of air conditioner, you may find it challenging to set it up for the first time. Apart from that, the price could be a little high for those with a modest budget for this quietest portable air conditioner.

Well, this is the best quiet model here with a maximum noise level below 52 dBA. It is also the most energy-efficient, with an efficiency rating of 12. For these reasons, this is the model we recommend.


Reasons to Buy

  • Effective cooling
  • Antimicrobial air filter
  • Remote control
  • Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

  • Low-quality window kit. You might need to buy a spare one


4. Frigidaire 13,000 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 13,000 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner


Overview: The Frigidaire 13,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable (FHPH132AB1) is not quite as durable or quiet as the LG. However, it’s an exceptional layout with plenty of thoughtful details that significantly improve the overall user experience. It was the only version we tested that did not need any tools to install –perhaps not to get the window panel along with the filters.

The Frigidaire had the maximum energy-efficiency ratio of almost any single-hose version we analyzed, at 11.0. At the temperature onto a hot LA day in only 15 minutes, indicating that it utilizes that marginally lower power output economically and effectively enough, and also the EER amount backs up that.

The Frigidaire Cool Connect is taller and narrower than other portable ACs, which is helpful for two reasons: it takes up less floor space in the room, and you also don’t have to bend down as far (or at all) to move it or to access the controls. As far as we know, it may be the only portable air conditioner in history that owner reviews have praised for its good looks.

While most mobile ACs appear to be a beat-up old R2 unit sitting at the corner of this room that the Frigidaire seems more like a pawn out of a futuristic chess collection. In 66 lbs, it is also lighter than other models we’ve tested, even though the design means the weight stays in the base of it in a means, which makes it a lot easier to roll compared to lift.

Where other mobile ACs have precisely the same unsightly accordion-style exhaust hose, as an instance, the Frigidaire carries a fabric sheath to insure that eyesore and supply just small insulation. The device also offers a magnet on top of it to keep the remote controller.

The window panel is a noticeable improvement–rather than a selection of different plastic plates which screw together. It is one telescoping unit that locks into position with no need to bother with gear, along with built-in foam cushioning on each end. It includes a particular strip of tape to pay for the extendable notches, also. These small but purposeful design options make the Frigidaire simpler to live together –that isn’t something you would say about a great deal of portable ACs.

The Frigidaire also boasts a number of the same excellent features as other mobile ACs we analyzed, for example, smart-home capacities via Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or even the Frigidaire smartphone program. This program has an integrated scheduling feature, also, but this can be obtained only via the wise attributes rather than directly onto the control panel with the included remote control. Such as the LG, the Frigidaire, also contains an active dehumidifier mode. Still, the Frigidaire improves on this by employing another drain for this manner that could connect to a garden hose to draw the water off.

The single downside of this Frigidaire is the compressor makes a few, ERM, different sounds than what you’ll generally hear along with other portable ACs. It is not especially loud overall–57 dB using the compressor and the fan on low (roughly the same as the LG), even though it can leap into 65 dB with all the fan on top occasionally.

However, there are a number of occasional peaks around the 1,500 Hz to 1,600 Hz variety, such as the instructor’s voice in the Peanuts animation, that may be annoying. Other times, it releases a higher-pitched rattling noise around 4,000 a peculiar hiss and gurgle if dehumidified air is draining. Not one of those sounds is overwhelming or consistent, but they do occur occasionally.

Reasons to Buy

  • Built-in air purifier & Heater
  • Stylish design
  • Wi-Fi connectable
  • Various programmable settings
  • Smart notifications

Reasons to Avoid

  • Consumes a lot of power
  • Best for smaller rooms


5. De’Longhi Pingiuno Portable Air Conditioner, (3-in-1, 14000 BTU)

De'Longhi Pingiuno Portable Air Conditioner


Overview: If you have a slightly larger area that requires cooling and do not want to have significant installation work to navigate, then De’Longhi PACN285GN Whisper Cool portable air conditioner can be what you need.

De’Longhi, although known for other types of electronic and electrical products of the United States, has extensive experience and time in service in the industry. It seems that De’Longhi has applied to appear conviction to make the best quality portable air conditioner as like as their food mixers and coffee machines. Longhi products, we believe, have a smart and calm look, the tradition continues quietly.

Although it may not matter compared to its efficiency, etc., from design, if you put in your home, feel that you are in the right place and worth it there.

When it is on the highest setting, it does generate sound at a level of 53dB, making it one of the quietest on our review list. Like other air conditioners in our review list, it also can act as a dehumidifier, which means that it not only cool the air but also remove additional water from the air. De’Longhi Whisper Cool portable air conditioner prevents the growth and spread of mold. Additionally, a fan means you can get the right balance of temperature and humidity in the room.

Like all models on our list, it has the laziest feature for all of us, which is equipped with own De’Longhi’s very own dripless exhaust technology. The evaporation system automatically empties the condensation almost immediately evaporated through the specially included exhaust hose pipe. So, I must have to include De’Longhi Whisper Cool as one of the best quiet air conditioners.

It is easy to install and can be placed on both vertical sliding and double-hung windows with a width of up to 38-inches. All you need to do is click the bracket that comes with the machine into place. You don’t even need to use any tools. You just connect the exhaust pipe and switch it on, and it is good to go in minutes.

It is the most expensive and powerful model on our list and one of the most energy-efficient models of 11.7 EER.

Reasons to Buy

  • No-drip technology
  • Never frosts
  • Very powerful compared to its capacity
  • Quieter than others

Reasons to Avoid

  • You cannot adjust the airflow; it only blows straight
  • Heavier than others


6. Vremi 12000 BTU Silent Portable Air Conditioner

Vremi 12000 BTU Silent Portable Air Conditioner


Overview: VREMI is a company with a solid reputation in the design and manufacture of modern electronics and household appliances. VREMI Battery Powered Silent Portable Air Conditioner is one of their best products that satisfies all consumers.

It is an air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs, which means it is ideal for rooms and spaces with a maximum surface area of 350 square feet. The auto-swing air vent technology helps to circulate the cool air.

Like any other air conditioner on this list, this VREMI model is not just for cool air but also has a dehumidification function. It can dehumidify up to 1.8 kg of moisture from the established space every hour. Because when it cools the air, it also absorbs moisture and reduces the spread of mildew and mold. When a power outage occurs, it can be a pain, but not too much. But still another thing you can do, reset electrical and electronic devices such as air conditioning.

However, VREMI silent has the ability to store the last settings that have been entered into it when power was cut. Automatic restart means that you don’t have to rush to play with it to get the same settings as before. Since it only restores what you did before the shutdown.

When we think about a portable air conditioner, we think about ease. It is undoubtedly one of the key reasons you are looking for a silent portable air conditioner. This particular model is very convenient, especially when installing. It can fit into two vertical sliding windows with a width of 18 to 50 inches and a height of 18 to 50 inches in casement-style windows.

Along with all other vital aspects, price is always something you should consider. You will certainly have a budget and will want to stick to it, but you need to make sure you get the price you need and want. As one of the lowest price models on our list, this offers excellent value for money if you wish to cool and dehumidify a small area. If you want to cool an area greater than 350 square feet, you will need to buy a different one. Hence, we could not avoid the name of VREMI 12,000 BTU on the list of best quiet portable air conditioners.

With everything in mind, we emphasize that there is a reason for this model. It is slick, portable, very convenient & efficient and providing an air conditioner that will not wash your bank or give you a headache when trying to set it up.

However, this is a compilation of the quietest portable air conditioner on the market, so it works pretty well.

Finally, with any of the air conditioners listed in this article, you need to weigh up their pros and cons, features and prices to decide what you need. This VREMI portable air conditioner may not be the most powerful, but it has enough power to set up easily, it works like a dream and is very cheap.

Reasons to Buy

  • Battery Powered
  • Reusable Air Filter
  • Easy To Move and Install
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Programmable cooling system

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not in silence — Definitely audible. However, it will only bother those who are sensitive to low-level sounds


7. SereneLife 12,000 BTU Portable 3 in 1 Air Conditioner: Best Portable AC for Damp Areas

SereneLife 12,000 BTU Portable 3 in 1 Air Conditioner


Overview: Don’t get it twisted; this unit is not cheap. It will engage your hundreds of dollars more than many other ACs in this review list. The elegant design and the ability to cool large areas are impressive; let’s see if extra money is really essential.

With a dehumidifier mode that can be 3.75 pints per hour, the machine can remove any form of moisture in your room. It cools 450 square feet of space, making it the right choice for handling heat and humidity.

The real benefit of this unit is its ability to handle moist areas. Therefore, if you live in a city with high humidity, it’s a good option and well worth the money. Because it’s so effective at keeping you dry even in large areas, it’s the perfect place, like Florida, when you walk outside in the summer due to the overwhelming humidity, you immediately immerse yourself in sweat. The fork of extra money doesn’t seem to be worth it.

SereneLife Ultra Cool Portable Air Conditioner will keep you deep in your pocket compared to many other units on this list. However, if you can afford it, you will never regret the decision. Cheers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to install window and venting kit
  • Fully controllable via remote
  • User-friendly interface
  • More portable than other

Reasons to Avoid

  • Quite Expensive


8. Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner and Heater | 3-In-One 12,000 BTU

Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner and Heater


Overview: For rooms over 450 sq. ft., or rooms with direct sunlight that need better cooling, consider the Friedrich P12B, which is a 12,000 BTU unit from the “the experts in air conditioning.” The company was founded in 1883 and today produces some of the best air conditioning products due to its rigorous field test. Try it.

Friedrich claims that the P12B cooling room is 40 times faster than the regular unit, and although it is one of the most influential models on the market, it remains silent at 51dbA. Those looking for a hybrid of noiseless and cooling power will find P12B overpower.
Where the Haier model uses a single hose for hot air exhaust, P12B is a double hose AC.

So, it is more efficient because the heated air through the device components is discharged into the open air before going indoors, which is a frequent (though inevitable) design flaw for single-hose units.

However, the insignificant difference in decibels means that P12B is a worthy choice for those demanding quiet cooling needs.

This silent portable ac is even more useful than most other units: it also works as a heater (as well as a fan and dehumidifier). The heating capacity of the unit is 10,700 BTU, so if you live in a climate that has harsh summers and winters, it can help eliminate the need for multiple appliances.

Like Haier, Friedrich has self-evaporation technology that does not require emptying and filling water containers. It has a remote control, 24-hour timer, and auto-start function to prevent user power outages or blackouts and most industry-standard suites. To make the device work better, consider sealing the air around the window kit with a simple tape seal.

Fully washable air filter makes it easy to maintain Friedrich in summer and winter. The only drawback of P12B is its weight and size: with 78 pounds, you cannot move the device often, although it comes with a launcher to make it move.

Reasons to Buy

  • Power efficient
  • Has a heating, dehumidifying, and fan mode in addition to the air conditioner function
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 0% EMI

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lights on top are really bright


9. JHS 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner 3-in-1 Floor AC Unit with 2 Fan Speeds

JHS 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


Overview: This air conditioner unit stands out because it can work with the help of a mobile application. Thus, it allows you to leave your home without worries. The app can operate the air conditioner even from miles away.

The unit is designed for personal use that means it can cover an area as large as a smaller bedroom, kitchen, or office. It has very useful caster wheels and the handles to transport from one room to another. Such portability requires temporary installation, which this product offers precisely. All you need to install comes with the unit. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up everything.

This quiet air conditioner offers three applications in one. Those are cooling, humidification & dehumidification. It will cool and purify the air simultaneously. If excessive humidity is in the room, the dehumidification function absorbs unnecessary moisture. Keep in mind that the thermostat may have difficulty measuring correctly, so it may be more convenient to use manual settings. Air conditioning produces white noise. Which is not a big issue for most people.

Reasons to Buy

  • JHS mobile app control
  • Lightweight and better portability
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain

Reasons to Avoid

  • Produces white noise
  • Doesn’t have an energy-saving mode


10. Emerson Quiet Kool Portable Air Conditioner

Emerson Quiet Kool Portable Air Conditioner


Overview: If the Whynter is a bit pricey or maxes out your budget entirely, you may want to consider the next on our list – the Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC8RD1. Generating a noise level of around 52dB, this is another near-silent portable air conditioning system that has a price tag that belies the quality of its construction and design.

Emerson has created a versatile and energy-efficient cooler ideal for smaller rooms and spaces. For anyone who wants to cool the air in a spacious room, you need to look at different models of air conditioning.

Outside Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC8RD1 Air Conditioning Unit; don’t be stuck by its 8,000BTU, because this beauty is ideal if you have an area that needs to be cooled no more than 170 square feet. Like the Whynter Elite, it also functions as a fan, dehumidifier, and air conditioner. It genuinely becomes a lazy person’s dream – the auto-evaporation system that means you can leave it working away without having to worry about draining it.

The three things that make this portable AC device stand out. And why it’s a finalist is the fact that it’s actually very affordable, comes with a fully programmable 24-hour timer, and even has a sleep mode.

Since you may be curious while reading this at the mention of a sleep mode, we may as well explain what that means. Sleep mode could be likened to an auto-pilot mode, which really means that the air conditioner raises the temperature by a total of four and a half hours per hour and then turns off. It can be useful to everyone, but it just means that you do not have to worry about adjusting the temperature at night. You can still benefit from warmness when the natural temperature drops.

Comparing prices with other branded portable air conditioners, it represents terrific value for money. However, it’s an energy efficiency rating with an EER of 8.9, which is well below the 12 of the costlier Whynter Elite that we previously covered.

We would say that this can be a second close to Whynter’s elite, just because it is about half the price and still provides a relatively low sound output.

It is one of the smallest units listed in this review article. It measures only 28 inches in height. The omnidirectional wheels make the movement Emerson EAPC12RD1 has built-in side-handles, which make easiness to lift the unit. At 58 lbs, this is a relatively heavy portable air conditioner comparing with others. These all make us to consider Emerson Quiet Kool 0n this small list of the best quiet portable air conditioners.

The auto-evaporation function dehumidifies moisture in the air while transferring moisture through the exhaust pipe rather than collecting it in storage tanks that require periodic emptying. The unit offers a 1-2-5 warranty, i.e., one year labor, two years parts, and five years compressor covers.

The device works at only 53 dbA, which is one of the quietest products in this article. Although EAPC12RD1 offers 12,000 BTU, this air conditioner is recommended for rooms of only 250 square feet.

Reasons to Buy

  • Relatively quieter, even at its highest setting
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Auto-evaporation system
  • Budget friendly

Reasons to Avoid

  • Users complain about aftersales support


What is the quietest portable air conditioner?

Any portable conditioner operating below 55 decibels is considered quiet air conditioner. Among all, the Black + Decker 14,000 BTU is the quietest portable air conditioner as it operates under 50 decibels only. This is the least amount of noise any portable air conditioner can make.

How a Portable Air Conditioner works?

Portable air conditioning works just like any other type of air conditioners with a very little difference. Whether it’s a window unit or a central air conditioning system, its goal is the same, and so is the mechanism. Chemical refrigerants flow through a series of reels to absorb heat in the room. The exhaust hose then releases the heat outside.

For portable air conditioners, there is a single or double hose which guides the hot air outside. It just looks like a flexible dryer vent. Usually, the portable air conditioners come with a hose and a window kit that allows you to set up the ventilation system quickly and easily.

Moving a unit also requires moving its exhaust port, as the air is discharged through the window. It is a misconception that portable air conditioning systems can be moved to different rooms at any time. It becomes more convenient to move the portable ac if you use a window kit.

Why should I buy a quiet portable air conditioner?

Is a portable air conditioner right for you? You have to calculate your numbers to determine the exact cost based on your conditions. Indeed, in some cases, the portable AC makes sense.

Here is when the portable air conditioner is a great choice.

  • When you have insufficient windows: Whether they are too small, too tall, or not correctly opened, it can make it easier to place an exhaust pipe in place than an entire window unit in these awkward situations.
  • When you love sunshine: If you don’t want to lock your windows all summer, if you wish to open them, occasionally want fresh air, or if you want sunlight, a portable AC won’t block your windows. This is especially important in one room.
  • When you don’t like an ugly window: Some apartments and apartment communities have stringent rules on what you can do for the outer appearance of your home, which can include windows that do not allow ugly. It is also often in the case of historic neighborhoods, seeking to maintain the feeling of a neighbor. For you, portable air conditioning can be the solution you’ve been looking for.
  • When you need to cool part of your house: If you have central air that does not work well in some rooms, portable communication can help keep hot spots comfortable. This is an excellent complementary system, especially in small apartments, you can turn it off anytime.
  • When you want a sound sleep: If you’re one of those hardy souls who don’t care about the heat of the day, portable devices can be perfect for use in your bedroom. Using it is only a part of the day, and in a limited space, it will reduce costs while keeping you fresh when you need it most.
  • When you live in humid weather: Portable air conditioning units also help dehumidify your space, which can make your room more comfortable on sensual days. If you live in the arid climate, you may want to try an evaporative cooler, which will use less electricity.
  • When you can’t sleep if the air conditioner makes a sound: If you are a light sleeper and the noise from AC devices make you wake up, portable, quiet air conditioners are best for you.

Quiet portable air conditioners are very convenient for many homeowners and tenants. They are an affordable way to bring some fresh air into your living space. If your ordinary air conditioners are broken, they can also become lifeguards – you can quickly get started while waiting for repairs.

If you decide to try a portable air conditioner, be sure to measure your room so that you buy a unit suitable for the size of space, and you can enjoy a comfortable home all summer long.

Benefits of Quiet Portable AC

  • You can access the windows. For flats with just a couple of windows, blocking the sole source of natural lighting using a tiled window AC might be an unwise decision. Portable air conditioners also allow you some flexibility in where you set the unit to function.
  • Portable ACs are ready to use anytime. You don’t need help installing a portable air conditioner, or friends to help lift it to the position of your windows. If you get a convenient window kit for mounting the exhaust pipe, you do not even need tools. Just turn it on and beat the heat.
  • Quiet portable ACs don’t disturb your sleep. They make nearly no sound. So, they will never bother you when you want to sleep or read a book.

Limitations of portable air conditioners

Less energy efficiency:Portable air conditioners often require more BTUs and, therefore, more electricity to cool the same square foot space as the window unit. This may be because they generate residual heat indoors rather than outdoors, thus creating more overall heat for the device to handle. A 10,000 BTU window unit will cool 450 square feet, while a 10,000 BTU portable AC unit will only cool 300 square feet.

Gets loud over time:All the working parts of the portable air conditioner are in the same room, you may want to eat or watch TV so that the noise level may be disturbed. You can adjust the settings to reduce the fan speed to help solve this problem, or you can roll the device to a corner further if your exhaust hose is long enough.

Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide

So far, we’ve discussed the finalist list of the top 10 quietest portable air conditioners on the market. Now you probably think you’re ready to go out and buy one. But wait. Are you sure you understand everything you should consider when purchasing one?

 Honestly, if you still think you need help reducing 10 to one, we assume you could benefit from this buying guide.  

 In this guide, we are providing you useful tips and guidance for choosing an air conditioner with the right size and the best configuration to meet your needs.

The right size for a quiet portable air conditioner

 Like any weather control equipment, you want to make sure that the appliance you buy is suitable for your space.

 A portable air conditioner of the right size ensures that it cools the room if used correctly. A suitable air conditioner for the room is insufficient to cool completely, while a large air conditioner will not be able to remove enough moisture, which means that the air is still very moist.

 To find the right size of the air conditioner, you need to calculate the square feet of the room by multiplying the width by the length of the room. It is also essential to know the BTU or British Temperature Unit of the air conditioner, as this indicates how much heat you will be able to remove from the room.

 If you plan to use it to cool a single room, the area of that room will be your total square feet. If you plan to use it for an apartment or an entire apartment, find out the whole area and use it as a reference for its size.

 When you find your numbers, remember that the test rating is based on a standard 8-foot ceiling.

 If your data is above or below average, consider in your estimates.

 If you use one of these machines in a room connected to another space, with an open door, you will want to assume that there will be a decent airflow.

 Therefore, your request includes the total area of two rooms.

 The fact about air conditioners is that the higher the rating of BTU, the higher the room that the air conditioner can keep cool. A large percentage of manufacturers often recommend a unit suitable for the size of the room, but to give you a good idea of how much BTU you need, refer to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum room area is 200 square feet — 8000 BTU
  • Maximum room area of 300 square feet — 10,000 BTU
  • The maximum room area is 400 square feet — 12,000 BTU
  • Maximum room area is 600 square feet — 14,000 BTU

 You should keep in mind that you need to increase the power and size of the portable AC, if:

  • The room has sunlight: You need to choose an air conditioner unit that provides more than 10% of the size of the place you need.
  • You want to use the AC in the kitchen: Then, you need to choose an AC unit that will provide 4000 BTU more than the size of the room you need.
  • There are more than two people in the room: In such a case, you need to make sure that the air conditioning unit provides an additional 600 BTU for everyone.

EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio of Portable Air Conditioners

 The energy efficiency ratio is used to measure the efficiency of portable air conditioning units. This is the relationship between power input and cooling capacity. Therefore, the higher the rating, the more efficient the regulator will be. In general, if the device is more than 10 EER, it is more cost-effective and energy-efficient.

 Just note that portable AC devices are usually very inefficient. This is because they are heated, but since they are found indoors (unlike conventional AC compressors), additional work should be done to extend this heat through the exhaust pipe. Since the compressor is located inside radiates heat in the room you are trying to cool, portable AC devices must work very hard to keep the room cool.

 When you want to determine which AC size is best for your space, you should also consider the main factor in determining the loudness of the AC unit is the fan speed you are using.

Therefore, we encourage you to overwhelm your space slightly. If you do, your machine will have to be more robust than smaller ones, which means it can run at lower speeds and lower noise levels.

 Decibel Ratings of portable quiet ACs

 The easiest way to say the peace of mind of any device is to look at its decibel rating. Usually, they are listed in the technical specifications, and we have included all the numbers that we can find in the comments. In general, you want to find something between 40-60 decibels, where the lowest score is the best.

 Most portable air conditioners fall somewhere around 50 dB, depending on the speed of the fan you are using. This is usually considered a quiet conversation with the noise level. Note that most manufacturers list the highest noise levels. So, if you buy something big enough, your actual noise level can be quite quiet.

 Decibel is also an exponential level, so a small difference in the paper can be felt more in real life. On the decibel scale, the noise level doubles every ten units. So, there is a fairly significant difference between 55 dB and 50 dB.

Heating option

An all-season feature will provide you with a cooling option in summer while providing enough heat at the beginning of winter. For this reason, you can consider buying a portable air conditioner with an all-season feature.

 When choosing a model, you need to remember that not all portable air conditioners offer heating options. Therefore, it is necessary to check and evaluate in advance the availability of this feature in the AC. Besides, though the cooling power of portable air conditioners is famous, not all portable air conditioners are great heaters. If you need warming, check this feature before buying it.

 Weight and Maneuverability

Portable air conditioners are a single machine whose portability means consumers can transport their cooling units where they see fit. However, to exercise this cooling capacity, portable ACs tend to lean towards the heavier side.

 Portable air conditioners can weigh between 60 and 90 pounds, making handling difficult. However, most models come with wheels connected to the cooling device, which means that consumers can easily roll the device in different rooms.

The drainage system of the Portable AC

 You will find that most portable devices have self-evaporation systems. So, the water condenses and then recirculates into the air. In this case, drainage is unnecessary.

Usually, you do not have to throw collected water unless you live in areas with high humidity. The compressor turns off automatically and usually has a light indicating that you need to empty the unit tank.

 Portable devices with condensate pumps collect water in the tank and pump it from the outside of the shoe. Some models need to empty the collected water manually. And it takes about two to six hours, depending on the height of the humidity level in the room.

Single Hose or Double Hose?

 Looking at a variety of portable air conditioners, it is unlikely to escape your attention to the number of hoses. There are two different hose configurations – single and double.

 Single Hose

 Single hose air conditioner draws hot air from the room, sends it through a cooling coil with coolant, and then passes moisture and heated air to the hose and outside the room. This usually creates the so-called negative air pressure because the air always pushes out of the room. Any cracks in windows and doors allow hot air to penetrate the room and throw hot air into your home.

 If the room you are cooling is large, a single hose regulator should work harder to cool the room. Conversely, if the room is small, a single hose is of an appropriate size for cooling the air. Since most dual-hose air conditioners use internal compressors or fans, they produce higher sound output. That’s why we focus on single-hose AC units.

 Double hose

 The portable AC dual-hose unit has one winning hose and several jacks. Through the entry point, the air is thrown into the device and cooled, and then sent back. It sends hot air out of the house.

 As a result, the dual hose unit does not internally produce the same negative pressure as the single hose model, since it does not require hard work to cool and maybe a more efficient option. And more efficient, this air conditioner is likely to cool the room up to 40 percent faster than a single hose unit. However, the dual hose unit uses more power, more expensive, more portable, and noisier.


 The dehumidifier is an important feature. Most models act as a dehumidifier. Once the air conditioner is turned on, but some of them only serve as a dehumidifier, without air conditioning.

 More than 60% of relative humidity levels can cause mold or mold growth. It is healthier and better for your home to keep moisture levels above 30 -50%. If there is an individual dehumidification function in your portable air conditioner, you can use it in winter and summer.

 Thermostat function

 The thermostat function allows the air conditioner to maintain the air temperature to a specific value. Even if most people do not think about this feature, it will make the room more comfortable, because when the temperature is more/lower than the settings, the machine will turn on automatically.

 The thermostat will also make the portable air conditioner more environmentally friendly since it is no longer in operation when not needed.

 Timer function

 The timer function sets a specific time for which the air conditioner can work. Once the time is reached, the air conditioner will turn off. This feature is useful for units that do not have thermostatic functions.

 Adjustable airflow

Adjustable airflow can meet all the requirements for most families. If you have to look at the air conditioner at another window or door, DC airflow can lead to inefficiency, so the adjustable airflow is better. Some models can even change and adjust the airflow automatically.

Remote Control

Most portable air conditioners have a remote control, but unfortunately some do not. It is very convenient to operate an air conditioner remotely without having to sit and go out.


 If you have bought any cheap appliance before, you know how light it can be. And it is also true for portable air conditioners. The cheaper they are, the weaker their construction, which means less sound insulation and more responsiveness.

 Therefore, it is always worth spending thicker plastic parts and more substantial constructions to mask the noise. More expensive options also tend to be designed more efficiently, which generally makes them quieter.

Are quiet portable air conditioners more expensive?

The simple answer to this question is “not always.”

Manufacturers have realized for some time that this is one of the most important purchase criteria for average customers, so they compete with each other to develop the quietest portable air conditioner to date.

The price is usually determined by the power or capacity BTU of the AC, not by its quietness.

How many decibels can be considered quiet for an AC?

Noise depends on the quality and age of the air conditioner. In general, the old machine emits more sound; the level of decibels can increase with the wear of the old machine. The quiet portable air conditioners are built according to the noise reduction.

 Understand decibels

 The difference of 10 dB is equal to twice the sound of 0 dB. The noise of 60 dB, which will be roughly the strongest of a loud window air conditioner, seems to be twice the sound of 50 dB. To achieve this double sense of loudness, a sound is required ten times louder, so duplication occurs every 10 decibels.

Air conditioning decibels

 On average, the noise level of the air conditioner is the same as that of a dishwasher, but it is generally considered quieter because decibels are associated with distance. If you run the dishwasher in the kitchen, it will sound as loud as 60 decibels.

 Local decrees specify how loud the air conditioning sounds. For example, in Los Angeles, the sound of the air conditioner cannot exceed 5 dB of surrounding noise.

 Volume Range

 A very quiet air conditioner can only produce about 25 dB of noise, which is louder than a whisper. The portable air conditioning unit reaches as high as 55 dB.

 decibel classification

 The manufacturer of air conditioning gives the machine a decibel rating, which is listed on its label. Decibel classification is usually the sound output heard by a person standing near an air conditioner in an isolated environment. Air conditioners with high cooling outlets often produce high decibels.

 Some air conditioners with special sound attenuations are also more expensive than ordinary air conditioners. Sound insulation and distance will reduce perceived loudness.

 Quiet Air Conditioners

The window model must have a shield of a layer of foam that absorbs sound installed outside the air conditioner. If you have central air, covering your pipes with closed-cell foam helps reduce the noise level.

 Noise walls and blankets between the unit and the nearest entry point, such as a window, can solve the problem if the outside air conditioning emits additional noise. These measurements can reduce the sound level of the air conditioner up to 10 dB.

Importance of ventilation for portable air conditioners

Portable ACS extracts hot air, which must be ventilated. If the hot air is not ventilated, the portable air conditioner will not be able to cool the room effectively. The window and ventilation kit always come with a mobile AC unit at no extra cost.

 How to ventilate portable air conditioners?

 Exhaust hoses for portable air conditioners are typically 5 to 7 feet in length and are made of high-quality flexible plastic. Therefore, you can vent your portable AC through wall vent, drop ceiling, or even a door.

 The most popular way to ventilate is by using a window kit. The plastic window kit is cut to fit almost any top and bottom slider or window in your home, up to 4 feet. Then the window with the window kit seals the air from the outside. The exhaust pipe is adjusted through a small incision in the window attachment.

 For windows more than 4 feet, buy Plexiglas or additional Styrofoam at the local hardware store. All this is necessary.

Can the exhaust pipe be extended?

 If you need longer hoses, you can easily find them at the local hardware store. It is a good idea to avoid a hose over 12 feet, or 90 degrees of bending and the outer vent flap is removed.

Check the water storage.

 All portable air conditioners produce condensation when cooled. Such water is contained in an internal reservoir or drained through pipes. In all our models, such tanks have an automatic shutdown function, so that the water does not accidentally spill into the ground.

 You can also drain the portable AC by connecting the hose to the connection in the tank. Portable AC provides efficient cooling with minimal water consumption, making it one of the most efficient systems on the market.

Three big complaints about portable air conditioners

When the temperature reaches a bubble level, your comfort depends mainly on your air conditioning system. No matter what type of device you use, it is essential that it works properly. If portable air conditioning is your method of air conditioning, here are some common complaints that can be easily solved or completely avoided.

  1. My portable air conditioner does not cool my room.

 The most common complaint is that portable air conditioners do not cool the expected room. Most often, it is a way to use a portable air conditioner of the wrong size for the square foot of the room. If your room is too large and your portable air conditioner has insufficient the amount of BTU, then it will not completely cool the desired room.

 However, if the BTU rating of your portable air conditioner is too high for your room size, it causes the swap to close before the room cools down. Check our buying guide for BTU calculation to choose the right portable air conditioner for your needs.

 Moreover, some other common reasons can affect the cooling efficiency of your portable air conditioner. If the room temperature is already very high, your portable AC will have to work overtime to try to cool to the desired temperature, which may not be reached until the room temperature drops. It is better to turn on the unit in the morning, while the temperature is lower.

Sometimes excess frost accumulates in the coil or evaporator. Just let the evaporator defrost, and the device should start working usually. Excess cold can hinder the efficiency of portable AC. It is recommended to change the filter every three months.

 In some cases, the compressor or engine may fail. If this is indeed the problem, it may be necessary for professionals to carry out the essential repairs.

  1. My portable air conditioner creates a lot of noise.

 Like most household appliances, portable air conditioning is equipped with a compressor, so it is impossible to avoid noise completely. Here are some tips to reduce the noise generated by mobile air conditioners.

 Firstly, check the decibel rating before buying a portable AC. You want to search for an AC of a decibel level in the range of 48-55 dB. Next, most portable AC has multiple fan speeds.

Finally, place your portable air conditioner on a carpet or blanket, not on a tile or hardwood floor. The noise of the unit is caused by the internal vibration of the motor, so placing it on a softer surface absorbs some vibration.

  1. My portable air conditioner is not as energy-efficient as I expected.

 The energy efficiency of portable air conditioners is measured by their energy efficiency ratio or EER. The higher the EER, the more energy saving. We recommend buying EER over 10.0 portable air conditioners for optimal energy savings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quiet Portable Air Conditioners

In how many decibels is a portable air conditioner considered silent?

Whenever you use a portable air conditioner, you should expect some noise. It is made mainly of compressors, but even the air blowing from the unit produces some.

 An ordinary townhouse, there are several appliances with a sound level of 50 dB, so it’s safe to say that the air conditioner emits less than 55 dB is silent.

 Remember that this noise level is measured next to the work unit—the farther away from it, the lower the sound level.

 That’s why manufacturers have developed several models that emit less than 50 dB, which is very low. Most models often emit this noise level when operating at the lowest level, while higher levels are higher.

What is the standard noise level (decibels) for the air conditioner?

The noise intensity is expressed in decibels (dB). The smallest audible sound in total silence is 0. The sound intensity 10x will measure 10dB, while the sound intensity 100x will measure 20dB.

 To give you a fair estimate, you should know that a normal conversation reaches between 40 and 60 decibels, while shots can be as high as 140 decibels.

 Air conditioning noise is inevitable. This is true for all types of air conditioners, not just portable air conditioners.

 When you decide to buy a portable device, the noise level emits from your air conditioner can be very important. These devices will produce sound between 36 and 83 dB, depending on the model and design.

 The quieter models will emit between 36 and 46 dB, which should be more peaceful than a standard desktop fan.

 On average, quiet portable air conditioners emit around 50 dB so that you can compare the noise with the first whisper or the loud conversation of the latter.

 You should also remember that these nominal values of decibels are next to the air conditioner as the distance of the air conditioner gets closer, the lower the average noise level.

It also depends on the noise of your surroundings.

Who makes the quietest portable air conditioner?

Many brands like Haier, Honeywell, Whynter, De’Longhi, LG, Black & Décor and Frigidaire are the most popular brands for making quiet portable air conditioners. But You actually feel which one the quietest when you use it. Moreover, our best quiet portable air conditioner reviews will help you to find the right one.

Are portable air conditioners quieter than window devices?

This is a tough question to answer. Because it somehow depends on the amount of money you spend. Actually, the quality of the air conditioner.

The noise level is expressed in dB (decibels), and the higher the number, the higher the noise.

 In most cases, when it comes to portable AC vs. Window AC, the window unit wins.

 This is because window air conditioners are usually quieter than portable air conditioners.

 Portable AC drives move around 70 dB, while window AC units tend to close to 50 dB, which is a silent octave.

But the case is different for the quiet air conditioners on our list. They produce sound ranging from 45 dB to 56 dB. Unconditionally portable ACs win here.

 If the noise bothers you, aim at the air conditioner with the lowest decibels.

Are the portable swamp cooler and portable air conditioner the same?

The answer is no; they are not the same. The swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, uses water and evaporative cooling. In general, the air cooler reduces the room temperature by 10-20 degrees. A portable air conditioner uses a compressor and coolant to cool in the cooling chamber and keep moisture much lower.

Is 54 dB louder for a portable air conditioner?

Air conditioning units, fans, and evaporative coolers will produce sound between 37 and 82 dB, depending on the model.

 The quieter fixed air conditioner will emit 37 to 46 dB, below the average of sound produced by the table fans. Even more massive tank fans, such as the 3076 tank fan, emit the same level of decibels as desktop fans, standing at about 46 decibels. Portable water-cooled air conditioners’ noise rating is about 49 dB.

 Larger industrial air conditioning units, such as Airrex HSC-2500 portable air conditioners, can emit up to 68 decibels, while more substantial industrial air conditioning units can emit larger industrial air conditioning units. Fans (such as blue max 950) can emit 70 and 82 dB depending on the speed setting.

Considering all this data, we can say 54 dB is not louder for a portable air conditioner.

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