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10 Best Electric Meat Slicer For Easy Slicing

Efficient, Well Engineered & Best Value

Working in the kitchen, haven’t you realized how hard it is to cut the meat into pieces? It never gets the desired shape you want. Moreover, the vegetables or fruits to serve or eat becomes tough to sliced shapely. The tasks get more painful when you are in a rush. The Best Electric Meat slicer under the circumstances can be a blessing for you. 

You might’ve heard about meat slicer or grinders. They are operated manually with a hand crank. But the electric meat slicers come with the high technological features. It works fully by the electricity having a motor for its efficient uses. The meat slicers on our list have the best blades and motor to function. 

Though it is called meat slicer, this electric device can slice other kitchen essentials like fruits, vegetables, cheese, and other equivalent things. But which one to buy for your uses? Let’s take you to a 10 best electric meat slicer review with unique features and functions. 

1. OSTBA Electrical Meat Slicer

OSTBA Electrical Meat Slicer

To give a good slicing to your meats and ingredients in your kitchen, the OSTBA Slicer is one of the best electrical meat slicers in the market. The electrical meat slicer is very efficient with a strong 150W motor doing the slicing within a short period. 

The slicing by the meat slicer can be adjusted from your desired thickness to 3/4″. The convincing electric meat slicer has 7.5″ modern stainless-steel blades. It gives perfect slicing to your meat as well as any cheese, deli, fruits, vegetables, etc. 

To provide safety, the OSTBA Meat Slicer comes with an extra safety lock and power switch. It generates according to your needs. 

 The cleaning of the meat slicer never looked very complicated. It is very easy to assemble and clean after using it. All of its parts, like the blades, food carriage, extended slide rod, etc. are removable. So, you configure and clean them according to your desire. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Occupies a small area
  • Very easy to configure and clean
  • The extra safety button is very beneficial for home uses
  • Highly efficient motor

Reasons to Avoid

  • High electricity consumer
  • Quite heavy in size

Let’s watch a video review of OSTBA electric meat slicer.

2. Beswood Electric meat slicer

Beswood Electric meat slicer

If you are looking for a powerful electric meat slicer to cut and slice your dense, heavy meat, the Beswood slicer can be a significant appliance for your kitchen. Its 240W motor is so powerful that it can cut the heaviest of the meat. 110-120V power and great durability make the Beswood the best home electric meat slicer. 

The chromium meat slicer is a very compatible one to use at home. Its 10″ carbon steel blade makes the proper use of the motor giving the best slicing to your meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, etc. 

For your security, the meat slicer has a double ON/OFF switch covered with double illumination. The base of the meat slicer is made with rubber to avoid any kind of shocks. The carbon blade is corrosion resistant and has two blade sharpeners provided with it. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly efficient motor
  • Chromium body 
  • Double illumination of the switch
  • The whole meat slicer is made shock resistant

Reasons to Avoid

  • You might face complication in cleaning the meat slicer
  • The meat slicer consumes high electricity

3. CUSIMAX Electric Food Slicer

CUSIMAX Electric Food Slicer

To have a successful slicing of all your daily ingredients, the CUSIMAX Electric Food Slicer is one of the finest slicers available on the market. It is run fully by electricity making it one of the best home electrical meat slicers in the market. 

The 200w motor with high-quality stainless-steel blades gives the best slicing to your ingredients. The slicing size can be adjusted from the thinnest to 3/4″ inches. 

The slicer operation is absolutely free from lubricants. The 7.5′ removable stainless-steel blade is very functioning and durable. Cleaning and maintaining the electric beef slicer are very convincing here. 

The electrical meat slicer provides four pieces of anti-skid sucking pads to fasten the machine and provide the best security to you. The machine comes with the 30 days hassle-free policy to make the best impression to you. It is inarguably one of the best meat slicers in the market.

The hidden track design and the removable blade features make it suitable for cleaning easily. All the components are dishwasher safe. So there remain no complications in cleaning the food slicer. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly efficient motor
  • The compatibility of the electric meat slicer
  • Removable parts for your convenience

Reasons to Avoid

  • You have to be careful with the shocks and short-circuit issues
  • Consumes high electricity

4. Valley Sportsman Electric Food and Meat slicer

Valley Sportsman Electric Food and Meat slicer

From bread to meatloaf, all require perfect slicing to be suitable for further uses. With a considerable budget and compatible use, the Valley Sportsman Electric Food and Meat slicer is a highly recommendable electric meat slicer. 

The 180W motor of the electric meat slicer makes it very swift. The cuttings of the ingredients remain perfect with its 8.7″ stainless steel blades. 

The Valley Sportsman electric meat slicer is a heavy-duty one. It can take loads of work to complete convincingly. From the smallest possible pieces to 0.9/1.6″ of the slice, the meat slicer is very active is cutting them into your desired sizes. 

The speed and power of the cutting are regulated by an adjustable plastic cursor. It has its suitable levels and powers to function the work. An illuminated signal shows up the correct flow and work rate of the electrical meat slicer. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Very swift in slicing multiple ingredients
  • Highly efficient motor
  • Very sharp and durable blades
  • Adjustable slicing sizes

Reasons to Avoid

  • You might face complications in cleaning the electrical meat slicer
  • Consumes considerable electricity

5. Chef's Choice Electric Meat Slicer

Chef's Choice Electric Meat Slicer

A versatile electric meat slicer that can slice all your kitchen ingredients for cooking successfully. For that, the impact of the Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer is never to be underestimated. It is one of the best electric home meat slicers in the market. 

The Chef’s Choice electric beef slicer comes with 120W motor and 110-120V power. The slicing is done with 7 inches stainless steel blades. It can cut a variety of foods like meat, cheese, bread, fruits, veggies, ham, etc. you cut them from the smallest of the pieces to 3/4″ in size. 

The body of the device is made up of cast aluminum. It preserves the best protection and anti-corrosion to the electric meat slicer.  

A special button is assigned in the electric meat slicer. It enables the limited access of the blades when the blades are of no use. It not only saves the electricity usage but also maintains a perfect flow of the machine’s usage. 

All the parts of the Chef’s Choice Slicer tool are removable. You will have no difficulties in cleaning and configuring them. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Stable motor with good power
  • Finest blades
  • Parts removable features
  • Cast aluminum body

Reasons to Avoid

  • Might face errors in cutting the excess heavy meatloaf

6. NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer

NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer

Slicing of any kind of food in our day to day life is a very crucial and important task for us. The NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer is great choice for its given price and quality. With 180W motor and 120V power, the electric meat slicer holds all the characteristics to become your favorite one. 

The 8.7″ stainless steel blade of the food slicer is of great importance. The serrated blades hold the ability to cut the ingredients into various sizes. From smallest to 9/16″ slices can be made by this electric meat slicer. 

The slicing by the food slicer is very convincing. It can be assigned for heavy-duty at a consistent rate. The food carriage provided with the food slicer is removable. Foods like meat, fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, etc. can be sliced by this electric food slicer. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly efficient motor
  • Durable and sharp blades
  • Removable food carriage

Reasons to Avoid

  • Must be washed carefully. The motor will be damaged by water

7. Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Slicer

Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer

A versatile removable electric meat slicer will not only slice your meat but also will assist in slicing all your cooking ingredients. The Maxi-Matic Elite food meat slicer is one of the most versatile meat slicers in the market. 

The ultra-sharp 7.5″ stainless steel blade makes the perfect cutting of the ingredients. Its removable feature will facilitate you with a comfortable cleaning. 

You can adjust the thickness of the slicing by adjusting the ingredients. The electric meat slicer tends to slice up to 1/2″ of thickness. 

More or less, every electrical device overlooks the safety of its customers. The Maxi Matic beef slicer has a large slicing platform with non-slip rubber feet. It keeps the whole device aloof from any kind of electric accidents. 

Its versatility makes it very renowned and suitable for you. Fruit, meats, veggies, bread, and relevant items can be sliced by it. 

As all the parts removable, it makes no fuss to be cleaned normally. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Versatile slicer
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • High security and safety maintenance
  • Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

  • The motor is not as efficient as the others
  • Might show heat symptoms for a long straight hour uses

8. KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electrical Meat Slicer

KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer

How about assisting the cook of your restaurant with a highly efficient, user-friendly electric meat slicer? It will not only lessen his work but also will increase the work rate in your kitchen. For that, the KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer is one of the best commercial electrical meat slicers in the market. 

Having the 320W motor, it stands out to be one of the most efficient electrical meat slicers in the market. It holds the ability to withstand a long slicing at a time. 

The 10″ premium stainless steel enables you to have the best slicing to your ingredients. All your kitchen ingredients can be cut efficiently by this slicing device. 

The body of the electric food slicer has an alloy base. It enables the proper induction in the electric slicer. 

The cutting has a range up to 0-0.4″. The thinnest salami, sausage, veggies, fruits, etc. can be sliced. The meat slicing gadget is also recommended for your home kitchen. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly efficient motor
  • Premium blades
  • Versatility in slicing

Reasons to Avoid

  • Consumes a lot of electricity
  • Might show complications while washing

9. Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer

Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer

To have a blissful slicing of your food, the Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer is one of the great electric beef slicers for home use. The 7.5″ premium stainless-steel blades give the perfect slicing. A 180W motor increases the longevity of the work rate of the electric meat slicer. 

The body of the electric slicer tool is coated with prime steel and has to die-cast aluminum housing. The blades enable to have sliced up to 3/4″. Ingredients starting from meat, bread, fruits, veggies, cheese, and all relevant things can be sliced by the electric meat slicer. 

The blade and the food holder of the meat slicer are removable. So, you will have easy access to cleaning the whole device after using it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly efficient motor
  • Durable and sharp blades
  • Can be used to slice various things

Reasons to Avoid

  • Consumes a high amount of electricity

10. Kitchener 9-inch Professional Meat Slicer

Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Slicer

Your kitchen ingredients deserve to have the perfect slicing for further processing and cooking. Light up your slicing by grabbing the Kitchener 9-inch Professional Meat Slicer. Having a 150W (200W max) motor gives the slicer a perfect strength of slicing the ingredients.

The 9″ stainless universal serrated blades make the perfect cutting of the ingredients. The shapes of ham, salami, fruits, vegetables, etc. can be convincingly cut by the meat slicer. 

The robust, compact design of the slicer machine makes it suitable for easy transportation and usage. It is recommended to use hands and eye-protective equipment while using this electric meat slicer. 

The 4-suction cup is fixed at the four feet to keep the maximum grip and security of the electric meat slicer. It makes the whole operation very easy and suitable to handle and use. 

The cleaning of the machine is very easy. The parts being removable makes it easier for you to clean it normally. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly efficient motor
  • Developed blade for cutting
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for any kitchen essential

Reasons to Avoid

  • Consumes a lot of electricity
  • Must have proper measures for health

Best Electric Meat Slicer Buying Guide

When the matter is to cut the meat, a good knife can do the job. But does that end there only? You have to be conscious about the quality of the cutting, the method of cutting, and the safety of yourself during the operation. 

A good meat slicer satisfies all the things you need to slice a lump of meat. Not only meat but also other relevant ingredients can be shaped firmly too. Let’s take a look at some of the buying guides while purchasing an electric meat slicer. 

Why Invest in a Meat Slicer?

  1. Efficiency

The motor of the electric slicer provides high power to the operation. It works for a long time giving no errors to the slicing.

  1. Versatility

Not only meat but also a lot of things can be sliced by the slicer. Fruits, vegetables, bread, and other relevant things are mentionable ones. 

  1. Ease of use

The whole operation takes place electrically. Just put the ingredients according to your desire and save all your strength and labor.

  1. Feasibility

The slicing done by your knife will never have the perfect slicing. It will lack at some point of the ingredient. This non-uniformity gets removed by the electric meat slicer and gives the best slicing to your ingredients. 

  1. Money-saving

You’ll not need extra equipment like different knives for various slicing of the ingredients. Moreover, you’ll never need to go outside stores to make the slicing too. 


What is an electric meat slicer? 

An electric meat slicer is a machine that slices the meat and other relevant ingredients electrically. It has a blade to slice, a motor to operate, and a firm body for protection.

You need to put the meat or other ingredients right inside the blade. The blade will function electrically in slicing the ingredient.

Electric slicers not only saves your time but also makes the perfect slicing. The sliced thing can be processed and used for further uses. It enables you to slice according to your desired size. 

Design and Features to look for in an Electric Power Meat Slicer:

  1. Horsepower

The motor of the meat slicer has a definite horsepower to operate the whole process. The more the horsepower, the more usability and efficiency you’ll get in using it. 

  1. Blade size and quality

The size of the blade is very important to slice up your ingredients. The bigger the blades, the more you can slice at a time. It is recommended to have at least 7″ blades in your electric meat slicer. 

Never forget to watch the quality of the blades. The stainless steel is preferred to use, but others can also have a good impact according to your uses. 

  1. Removable parts

The removable parts allow you to clean and maintain the meat slicer convincingly. Although it doesn’t have a major impact on the whole process, it assists you a little in maintaining it. Make sure you don’t damage or destroy any parts while separating and maintaining them. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Meat Slicers

What is the best electric meat slicer for home

The Beswood Electric meat slicer is considered to be the best electrical meat slicer in the market. Coming with a highly efficient 240W motor and 10″ stainless steel blade, it surpasses the other electric meat slicers. Its feasibility, compatibility, and versatility make it one of the most demanding electric meat slicers in the market. 

What items can we slice by an electric slicer? 

Items relevant to meat can be sliced by the electric meat slicer. It includes bread, fruits, vegetables, sausages, salamis, cheese, and other equivalent items. 

Will a meat slicer cut frozen meat?

It is never recommended to slice frozen meat by the meat slicer. It will not be sliced perfectly and might end up damaging the blade of the slicer. 

Warm the meat outside for sometimes. When it becomes capable of being cut by knives, slice it by the kitchen appliance. 

Will an electrical beef slicer cut through bone?

An electric slicer is not designed to cut through a bone. Any hard materials cannot be operated by it.

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